Steadman Blake
Interning for United Nations Association of the USA Southern NY State Division.
This discussion at the United Nation RM 4, was on Girls rights & Safety & rights to an education.

1° Girls who lives in 3rd world countries needs to have better access to education.
• Education is beneficial because it keeps girls cognitive function high & they are able to think out of the social Norm.

2° Girls need to be protected when they leave out there house to head to school or Vice-Versa.
• It was recommended that these girls should have access to bikes. It has proven in regional area’s in India to increase the safety of young girls.

Members of the United Nations gave out fixable bikes for young girls living in regional area’s in India. It has proven to benefits girls safety to ride their bikes to school. It was reported by India’s Police a major drop of girls reporting being stalked & harass. This is do to girls having access to bikes & able to escape when they feel threatened.

3° Education also play a huge role in the development of the mind of a child. Education increase a child thinking capacity & it helps them to think outside the social norm. It also increase the cognitive function. Education is beneficial for community these girls live in. It can help impact society.

Without these young girls around the world will not know their capacity to do great things.

February, 22, 2019

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