My Life Story and Achievements

I was born in New York City, in Lenox Hill Hospital. I was raised in Queens New York, Far Rockaway. I have a mother & a father & 2 brothers – Stephen & Nicholas. My father is a lieutenant of the Army, & my mother use to work in the Queens County courtroom.

My childhood was okay, got into a few fights in school. I would think I was an okay young kid. At the age of 15 my mother sent me away to live in a residential facility called St.Christopher’s.Inc.
St. Christopher’s is a residential placement for youth who cannot behave themselves in a classroom environment. By the time I finished high school, my primary goal is to reach College and to one day finish off my educational career. At 23 years old I finally got into Monroe College. I fail the entrance exam twice by a few points, but I passed it on the 3rd Try. With a few setbacks I was willing enough never to back down and to keep on trying. Regardless of how hard thing get I will still do whatever I have to do to prevail. Within five years I was able to obtain my associate’s degree in criminal justice. Now I’m attending Seton Hall University in South Orange County in New Jersey.
I’m A Junior with 89 Credits under my belt and three more semesters to go to obtain my Bachelor Degree! I’m proud of how far I’ve come, with my determination I will go even further beyond.
Nothing indeed ends for me, but my journey continues.   Now, I intern at the United Nations Association of United States Of America & I am a Program assistant at Public-Private Alliance Foundation which is Connected to the United Nations Goals in helping people across the world.

From: Steadman Blake