My Horrible Experience at Mercy College! Racism, Bias and Prejudice!

This is a report based on my horrible experience dealing with Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice at the Mercy College administration and the people that were involved.

I have no ill-will towards anyone, but I want those who read this to be aware of what the Mercy College administration stands for and their bigotry on every ground they stand. 


Here is my story of what happened to me as I was a student at Mercy College:

As a former student who started Mercy College in the Spring and Fall semester in 2015, and Fall Semester in 2017 and Spring Semester in 2018. I had numerous issues with the Mercy College administration that are very problematic.
So to continue this story, I had this professor in 2015, which was my first year, and my first semester at Mercy College. This problem extended from 2015 to 2018. I have been making this complaint for the past three years as I used to enrolled at Mercy College.

I am an African American male, and I was the only black “male student” in his class. There were two other Black Females in the class. But, All the other students had lighter skin textures and white.

The class name is Policing & Community. I do not remember the class number.

However, this Professor did not accept about 90% of my homework assignment. The professor had never given me a reason why he was not taking any of my homework assignments (I followed the syllabus, which is required). I tried to get answers on why this particular Professor was not accepting any of my homework assignments. He would never respond to me but gives me a blank stare.

As I attended this Professor’s class, I tried putting my homework assignment on his desk. In return, the professor (Christopher Geraghty) would respond to me, stating; “never put anything on his desk again, and no, I will not accept any of your assignments.”

I have seen other students in the same class come in late, they were light skin & white, and this professor accepted their assignment and not mines! I heard numerous times Professor Geraghty had stated; to those students coming in late, “please put your assignments on my desk.” All those students were lighter skin (Hispanic) and downright White (Caucasian).

I tried my best working with this professor. This professor most likely didn’t like my political opinion or my viewpoints on police brutality since this was a Criminal Justice course.

Also, Professor inappropriately marked me absent when I was in class. I shared video evidence with Caroline Goldstein(Pact Office advisor) to show proof of my attendance in this class, which began/started the reporting of this particular professor. Ms. Goldstein has reported this Professor to the proper administration at Mercy College. However, the college did not respond to her allegation on my behalf of this particular professor.

Caroline Goldstein no longer works at Mercy College.

But to continue, I had never come late to this particular Professors class. His course was always the last class of the day. Arriving late to this Professor’s class was nearly impossible since the other two classes I had prior were on the same floor and a couple of doors down.

Furthermore, out of all the students, I was the only one that was mistreated. For those other students who came in 30 minutes, 40 minutes late, he had no problem accepting their homework assignment. There were homework assignments every week, relating to each chapter. I did all of them. But this Professor did not accept them and did not give me a reason.

But for whatever reason, he never took the vast majority of my assignments, and he never gave me a reason why. The Professor didn’t like my political viewpoints and my thoughts on police brutality; I spoke reasonable as the topic was just my opinion.

I had made a written report to the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department at Mercy College in 2016. However, nothing was done about it.

I had written to the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department. I did get a reply in 2017 from the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department. According to that professor. “The failure was justified,” I remembered that because there was no investigation into my complaint.

  • I passed the finals with a 72
  • I passed the midterm exam with a 65

 However, the homework assignments weight more substantial than the finals and the midterm exams. Also, the professor marked me absent when I was in class. At the time, this College only allowed five absences for their students. This Professor Marked me down for missing at least 11 classes, which are 100% false!

The College Administration knows I have made reports of discrimination by this professor in 2015 with the help of my former pact office advisor, Carolina Goldstein. The college also used their white fear tactics against a student of color. Calling me a hostile threat to humanity and calling me a Menace & a Danger to society & comparing me to terrible events that have nothing to do with this situation and are 100% false.

There is a perfect chance that race was used against me at the administration level.

The people responsible for my dismissal are:

1. Kevin Joyce, dean of student affairs

2. Nick Canzona, Assistant Dean to student affairs

3. Alena Kush

4. Karol Dean

5. Donna Rebain

6. Mary Cuadrado

And others at the Mercy College administration.

I had support from a former Professor at Mercy College/former Judge of Tarrytown, Doris Freedman, who could not get involved due to medical reason, but has supported me in this incident. The people who had supported me were the Vice President of the United Nations Associations of the United States of America Southern division of New York, who got personally involved along with her husband, who is executive director of Public-Private Alliance Foundation, which is connected to the goals of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I had support from very influencing people who help me with this situation that took place at Mercy College in September of 2018.

They have spoken to Dean of Students Affairs (Racist)Kevin Joyce on my behalf on a telecon with my consent. According to Kevin Joyce Dean of Student Affairs, “I am a threat, and I am a menace to society by calling one of his Professor Christopher Geraghty” “Shity Professor.”

Professor Doris Freedman, along with the Vice President of the United Nations Association, stated; that the administration was too extreme. And race probably played a part. 

However, I am aware that I upset a few people at the Mercy College administration. But, I meant not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But when a person has been getting the runaround for more than two years and the administration putting a person(me) on a 40 minute to an hour hold by phone and trying to avoid you(me). That’s the kind of thing that allows people to use their frustration in all the wrong ways. I just lost it and had enough with the administration.

Despite my hardship at this despicable administration at Mercy College. I am now attend Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. 

I attended Monroe College from 2012 to 2017 as a part-time student. I obtain my Associate’s Degree in criminal justice at Monroe College.

 I was told in late 2016 by Director of Student Services Matthew Avgerinos to come back to Monroe College to finish off my Associate’s Degree. (I did two semester, Summer of 2016 and spring of 2017). So went back to Monroe College and obtained my Associate’s Degree at Monroe College(I-Obtained-My-Associates-Degree-In-April-2017).  

Afterward, I went back to Mercy College in the fall 2017 and completed two semesters at Mercy College and then got kicked out in September in 2018 because I called a professor a “Sh!tty Professor.” and then I was called a hostile threat to society and a menace for sending a hurtful & a bad mannered email, and then I got kicked out.  The college has over-exaggerated and made up emails I did not send. The college put words in my mouth, words that I did not say!

Despite my complaint despite the reports I have made for the past three years.   Despite following the guidelines Which were required for a student when they are making a complaint towards a professor. I get kicked! Oh Well!

 I am blessed to go to a privileged University. I started Seton Hall University in January 2019.

However, due to my frustration with the administration of Mercy College, I called this Professor, a “Sh!ty Professor” and “I will always remember you (him) as one.” I meant no harm in any way. 

My frustration with the administration not even investigating is what led me into calling this professor that word in September of 2018, which led to my dismissal(Letter I got in the mail); also, I followed every procedure and guideline that was instructed.

 However, now I’m attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey, South Orange.

I did very well in the spring semester, and I’m doing very well in the fall semester. I’m currently taking up five classes to finish off College quickly. By 2020, and two more semesters left, I will be able to finish off my Bachelor’s Degree.

I was awarded two scholarships this semester(Fall). Since I have been attending Seton Hall University, I have not come across any problematic professor. The professors at Seton Hall University of very lovely and very respectable and willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. Ironically Mercy College does not have Professors that are respectable and willing to help a student. Monroe College, the first college I attended, has respectable professors. The only College I had so many problems with is Mercy College!

Throughout my years of attending the school system in New York City, I never had any problems in any school I went too:

I attended:

• PS 43 – Queens, NY

• Long Island City High School, NY

• Clark Academy High School, Dobbs Ferry, NY

• Monroe College, Bronx, NY

• Seton Hall University, NJ

I never had a problem with any teachers/mentors at those institutions. But I had so many issues with one Institution, and that Institution is Mercy College!!!!

So, I just thought I should share my story just to clear things up! And for those who are interested in stories like this one!