The Reason why President Trump lost the 2020 election:

It is President Donald Trump’s redundant Behavior that allowed voters to vote for Joe Biden.

1).  Trump’s mishandling of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic is outstanding. In comparison, our European allies and our Asia allies are doing better than us in handling the pandemic. The US has the most cases in the world, which is embarrassing.

2).  Due to the Nationwide lockdown, this has slowed down our economy. Many Americans have lost their jobs, or their businesses have shut down. Many hard-working Americans are in need of a relief check. They haven’t received any.
And Congress inability to put forward a plan of a stimulus check that can benefit the vast majority of the American people, it isn’t comforting. And our Representatives, mainly Republicans, are more likely to take advice from corporations, which is very devastating.

3).  The sad part is, the $600 per week many Americans were depending on has proven to be helpful for millions of Americans. The Republican Party wants that money to drop down to $300 per week, which is quite disturbing.

4).  They took that advice from corporations. According to representative Mitch McConnell, corporation’s concern were. “If Americans were to get $600 per week, that will somehow make us American lazy and unwilling to work.”
That’s the ironic part about the Republican party. It’s how out of touch they are with the vast majority of the American people, which proves that they are not for the American people but only for the corporate entities and the power they hold.

5).  Let’s hope newly elected President Joe Biden will do the job accordingly and help the American people through this challenging time… 



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