With more people Globally getting vaccinated, the discussions about vaccine passports are accelerating.
The findings showed that Australia, Denmark, and Sweden have committed themselves to implement vaccine passports and that they are considering versions from the United States, British Government, and the European Union. Although the uses of the vaccine passports differ. 

But, the vaccine supplies are currently limited, so it is morally questionable to grant privileges to the people who were glad to receive them.

Even with the more significant availability of vaccines, they note that rates among minorities and low-income individuals may remain low, leading to discrimination.  A vaccine passport system also essentially penalizes people who are religious. It also punishes people who don’t want vaccinations. 
Nevertheless, It only seems fair to demand that those who refuse vaccination bear some consequences for refusal, especially if such hesitation collectively makes immunity out of reach.

The range of competing arguments suggests that vaccine passports governments would be hasty and extremely unlikely in the United States Of America. The vaccine passport may be helpful in the longer term, but I have several concerns at this point when I do not believe the scientific evidence can support it. And there are many and legitimate ethical concerns about them. The protection offered by coronavirus vaccines is very far from complete among these scientists, and we know very little about the efficacy of vaccines against various variants circulating in different countries in preventing infections or even asymptomatic diseases.

However, as some have suggested, the arguments do not support a ban on the use of all vaccine certifications.
Governor Ron DeSantis said in Florida this week that he would issue an executive order that prohibits the passport requirement by local governments and companies. One area that has become much clearer is the protection offered by vaccines, an argument for credentials. Vaccinations dramatically reduce the risk of data, particularly in terms of serious illness and death. A medical expert said that although the risk of vaccinations is reduced, the length of immunity is little known. A credential can then reverberate and lead to a false sense of safety and public health risk.
Health disparities are at the core of the ethical concerns of passports. Without a fair and equitable vaccine distribution system, we will only further deepen inequities in vaccine passports.

Racial minorities, who are more likely to die and are hesitant to be vaccinated, are already disproportionally affected by COVID-19. In low-income countries, the vaccine passports, which are expected first to be utilized in travel.
On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it had intimacy with any possible vaccine passport.
Should it be effortless to request and provide evidence of vaccination by a fitness system, such requests are probably overused, as credentials are requested for people at each turn.

While there are legitimate circumstances in which people can be requested for evidence of vaccination, we don’t want to become a checkpoint society that overwhelms the danger of COVID, excluding people without certification from facilities without the mandates of vaccines; it is highly justifiable. We need more information regarding the effects of transmission on vaccinated people or people who may be naturally immune; how long will it last? When new strains occur, what happens?

Journalists & mainstream news outlets like the LA Times, and Harry Litman a Political Commentator & American Lawyer are drooling at the prospect of imposing the vaccine passport to Brake The Resistance Down. Mr. Litman sounds like what a high-tech dictatorship would say!

The vaccine passport is the opening Salvo of what eventually could become the Chinese social credit system mirrored in the West. Is the same platform as a social credit system in China. In fact, the CCP can make any decision in 5 minutes because of the 360-degree surveillance of the social credit system. And it means that when you act like a good citizen, you get a boost. An opportunity is open for anything you desire. But, when you act like a bad citizen, opportunities get taken away. 

This can range from:
•  Your child not getting into a college or University. 

•  Not being able to have your child go into prep school.

•  Not being able to find employment.

•  Getting denied for a promotion. 

•  Having your travel restricted. 

•  Not being able to leave in the country. 

•  Not being able to go on vacation. 

Basically, your freedom is minimal.
The vaccine passport that has been proposed in the rest of the Western world such as:

• The United States

• Great Britain

• France

• Belgium

• Germany

• Brazil

• Argentina 

• And including the Caribbean 

The Vaccine passport that’s being proposed will have similarities to the Chinese social credit scores.  
This is the most dangerous tool that Humanity has faced in our lifetime – In terms of human Liberty.