The Parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany! What’s the Distinction?

Recent analogies have been made that claim similarities between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States of America. We don’t have to wait long to draw parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany & Confederate States of America all has one thing in common. They both were defeated. And they both have similarity in Ideology.

After Nazi Germany’s defeats during World War 2 – the Nazi’s leaders were put on trial in front of the world and they were convicted & hanged for there wars crimes & crimes against Humanity. However, in America after the United States Civil Wars came to an end. Not one single Confederate States of America Representative & Solders were convicted of war crime nor treason.

For Example:

  • Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Nazi Foreign Minister, was hanged in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. And others who were apart of Nazi Germany regime were found guilty & hanged.
  • And former Confederate General John B. Gordon was elected into the United States Senate after the American Civil War Ended.  Not one Confederate Representative nor Confederate solder were charged with War Crimes. Instead, there were statues built after them and honoring them despite their war crimes against humanity.

Germany has spent decades in national penance for Nazi war crimes committed during World War II. And  America spent the decades following the Civil War attempting to turn the leaders of the Confederacy into American hero & not criminals. 

Nazi Germany was founded by a regime that asserted white supremacy and engaged in a selective process of eliminating those deemed inferior and a threat to their ideology.  Comparisons between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany are astonishing. 

As citizens of the United States, the 70 million Confederate descendants have no control over the comparatively few deviants who have disgraced the virtuous of the Confederacy. The Nazi’s saw a clear parallel between their own beliefs and those of the American South. Although Hitler had a negative view of the United States, attributing its economic woes in the 1930s to the country’s allegedly degraded racial stock, he believed a Confederate victory would have set the country on the right track.  

 If we look back at the Nazi leader in 1933 that’s the beginnings of a great new social order based on the principles of slavery and inequality were destroyed when the South lost the Civil War. Northern victory brought a corrupt caste of merchants to power, hastening racial decay. It also ruled out the possibility of a truly great America ruled by a true class emerging, casting aside all the falsities of liberty and equality.

Activists targeted both explicit political connections between Nazi’s and Southern politicians defending the Jim Crow System, as well as those that appeared to be benign.  As a result, activists worked to expose the connection between Nazis‘ explicit racial hierarchies and the more submerged narrative of white supremacy, a narrative ingrained in Confederate monuments that extolled Southern “heritage” while avoiding a direct discussion of slavery.  
However, defining the two hate groups that share so many similarities is not difficult. We’ll explain what they’re all about.  

1) Neo-Confederates: Also known as southern nationalists, Neo-Confederates support the Confederacy. Beginning in 1861, these 11 southern states seceded from the United States and fought against the North in the American Civil War. Their opinions differ, but many want the South to secede and form its own country. Some argue that the war was fought over states’ rights rather than slavery, and they use this argument to cover up racism within their ranks.  

2) Neo-Nazis are inspired by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi era, and they are particularly fond of appropriating their symbols. They are defined by their anti-Semitism, though they also despise other minorities.  These hate groups must be disbanded. 


Hatred must come to an end. Racism persists because no one wants to see it go away. That is the main issue with the United States. And this will be the most serious shortcoming for the United States of America.