Alyssa Carson, have you heard of her?


•  American model, Kendall Jenner posing, displaying what many consider to be the ideal female beauty. This picture went viral a few days ago.


•  Alyssa Carson, the 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to pass all NASA aerospace tests and is now preparing to become the first human to travel to Mars.

Have you heard of her?

I believe it is past time for us as a society to reconsider our ideals and aspirations, don’t you?

Our daughters require role models to look up to. Please, let’s get some better role models!

For thousands of years, humans have worshiped idols such as statues, gods, people, animals, inanimate objects, and today, celebrities.  Celebrity worship is defined as an obsessive interest in a famous person.  

There has been extensive research on psychological correlates of celebrity worship, such as problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, desire for fame, and self-efficacy.  According to the findings of hierarchical regression analyses, high levels of celebrity worship are linked to problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, and a desire for fame & mental Health Issues.

Furthermore, females were more likely than males to become obsessed with celebrities.  These findings contribute to a better understanding of celebrity worship by providing a more comprehensive picture of the psychological difficulties associated with it.  

Finally, celebrity worship has become such an important part of our culture that there isn’t a day that goes by without some celebrity news. While some celebrity culture and media are merely used for entertainment, others regard celebrity worship as cult-like-devotion.

The problem with celebrity culture is the fact that many of them have no meaningful Talent that could impact the world. For example, LeBron James is a good Basket-Ball player, but what has basketball done for humanity? Can you win Wars by dribbling a ball and throwing it into a hoop? While many people idolize LeBron James, many of them would probably give their wives to him in order for him to make thunderous noises in the bedroom.  

However; no one has ever heard of the three black scientists who are paving the way for NASA to assist humanity in setting foot on another planet, Mars.

NASA chose 18 astronauts from its corps to form the Artemis Team on December 9, 2020, making them eligible for early flight assignments to exploration missions. Three African-American astronauts are part of the Artemis Team, which will help pave the way for missions to and around the Moon.

The three are as follows:

Victor J. Glover, a member of the International Space Station’s Expedition 64 crew.

• In 2017, Jessica A. Watkins (Geologist) was chosen as a NASA astronaut.

Stephanie D. Wilson, a veteran of three space shuttle missions to the International Space Station.

But I’m sure no one has heard of those three incredible people who will change the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

So, to recap, the situation is as follows:

Kendall Jenner, an American model and actress, has gotten a lot of attention for displaying what many people consider to be the ideal female beauty. Kendell Jenner’s photo went viral.

Alyssa Carson, a 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to become an astronaut, is, however, unrecognizable to the general public and the media.

There were no reports by the media on Ms. Alyssa Carson achievements.