The Jungles of Brooklyn New York (Poetry)

Brooklyn has a whole Forest set of trees that reminds me of a Jungle which I find fascinating.
From the outside, the trees didn’t appear to be very appealing. However, it was not in my plans to come across anything charming about these spectacular trees.


The most lovely of trees, with Blossom Greenery. It is hung with blooms along the bough and stands throughout the woodland ride dressed in white for Eastertide. 

Pink blossoms were plucked from these trees in my neighborhood. And I wore them in my hands all evening: Winter will arrive soon. And I won’t find any greenery on the trees, and there will be nothing there soon.

When the leaves fall to the ground, the blossoms fade, and spring arrives. Everything will begin anew.


I’ve noticed by the end of May, the buds of these trees had sprouted and were on their way to becoming green leaves. Although they were an incredible view, a lush green canopy would take its place. It was like a quintet practicing vocal exercises before a command performance when the seasons changed and changed with them.

Even though the storm’s combination of high winds, rain, and lightning was superior to anything the trees could muster, the trees chose to submit to nature’s forces rather than fight them. 
The trees’ leaves began to emit an odor reminiscent of Fragrant Flowers For a Heavenly Smelling that can attract all beautiful things. They also turned a pale yellow color, which I found interesting & surprised.

In some ways, the opportunity to be exposed to a different frame of reference than one’s own proved beneficial. 

I could always tell it was autumn because of the leaves on the trees, no matter how long it took me to walk home from the work or visiting a relative. It didn’t take much to remind me that it was autumn: a clear blue sky, crisp air, and trees in full bloom lining the streets.
The City was ablaze with gold and russet leaves due to the autumnal season. There was a massive Greenery and redwood tree lining the streets in such beauty. Winter will arrive before we know it, and the trees’ leaves will begin to fall. My sense of perspective was restored as the background became the foreground.

As the sun rose one morning, the Chrysler Building cast a shadow on the Buildings & houses, almost as if a thin dusky finger was tickling the striated facade awake. I went outside to investigate it further.

I was convinced that I was the only person in Brooklyn who had noticed this anomaly.
Now that is truly amazing.

An Extraterrestrial Intervention Is Occurring In The World.

UFO stand for Unidentified Flying Object, a mysterious object seen in the sky for which, it is claimed, no orthodox scientific explanation can be found.

UAP stand for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, (early USAF term for UFO).

In accordance with the findings of a highly anticipated government report, American intelligence officials have found no evidence that aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots in recent years are the work of extraterrestrial spacecraft, but they have not been able to explain the strange movements that have confounded scientists and the military.

The realization that humanity is not alone in the universe, or even in its own world, is one of the Great Waves of Change that has occurred in recent history. After all, expeditionary forces from the Greater Community, from the physical Universe, are currently present in the world and have been for some time, interfering in human affairs, manipulating human perception, promoting human conflict, acting covertly behind the scenes, capturing people against their will and subjecting them to often horrifying experiments, turning their minds so that they will become supporters.

While you were going about your business as usual, wonderful things were taking place behind the scenes that the general public was unaware of at the time. Many have seen craft in the sky, but there have been no sightings. This phenomenon remains unknown, behind the scenes, and out of public view.

Many more of the governments have made significant efforts to stifle any investigation into this matter, erecting a cloud of suspicion and disparage that has proven to be quite effective in suppressing public discourse and public awareness of this historic encounter, this historic challenge to individuals dignity. No government will ever admit to its citizens that it is up against a foe against which it lacks a sufficient counter-offensive.

As a result, lies and deception have been used to obscure the mystery surrounding this event for decades. People have been urged to believe fantastic things about the existence of extraterrestrials on the planet, believing it to be a fantasy or a fantastic story from the past. Even those who have recognized the presence of a foreign power in the world are unable to think clearly about it anymore because it is shrouded in half-truths and deception, in mockery and fantasy. All of this has seemed so baffling.

It has even been suggested that certain individuals has been motivated by government agencies to tell fantastic and wild stories in order to discredit anyone who might attempt to present anything true or real, or to generate an honest discussion in public, a public debate, or a public awareness, or to generate an honest conversation, a public discussion, or an increasing understanding.

Other forces, including competitors from the universe, have joined the earth at a time when the Great Waves are only commencing to manifest themselves. They do not come armed with anything. Unlike other nations, they do not arrive with a fleet of ships. They possess the ability to persuade as well as deceive others. They have cutting-edge technology, but they rely on their ability to influence the minds of those who live in this area. When it comes to war, as we know it in this world, it is far more rare than you might expect in the Greater Community of intelligent life on the other side of the universe.

Other methods of defeating opponents have been discovered, including trickery, deception, manipulation, projection, and power in the mental environment—an environment that humanity has little knowledge of and has only recently begun to understand.

Humanity has reached a tipping point in its evolution, a point at which enormous political, social, and environmental forces collide with the world-changing reality of alien contact.
Contact with intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It is the next major step in the evolution and development of the human family.

It is unavoidable that it will occur. And there are people all over the world who believe this is true—that extraterrestrial life exists and that we are not alone in the universe, or even in our own world.

However, the United States Government now considers UFO/UAP to be a national security threat. A country that has been around for about 230 years and is constantly at war with everyone, and now sees UFO/UAP as a security threat. Why is this the case? It’s because if the United States Government can’t control it, it poses a threat to them and their sovereignty. It is Pathetic!

Furthermore, in the year 2015, a US Navy ship encounters a cluster of UFO/UAP off the US East Coast. According to the Navy Ship Captain, the UFO/UAP was flying erratically in a specific area of the sea. What is stated in the statement; the crew spotted clusters of UFOs flying erratically in Maneuvers that make no sense, the crew tried their best to explain what they saw.

They also claimed that the UFO/UAP was disturbing something unknown beneath a body of water.
It is unfathomable how quickly the UFOs vanished. The Navy ship investigated this particular area of water to determine what was causing the disturbance. They discovered something on their radar that quickly vanished or cloaked themselves from detection.

Captain of this Navy ship find It’s difficult to describe. The captain stated; It makes no sense to describe what he saw. According to the captain, he does not want to sound like a lunatic.

As a result, the captain would prefer not to discuss it for fear of how others might perceive him.

What distinguishes the alien fantasy from religion, nationalism, or conspiracy theory is that it does not place humans at the center of a grand story. It dispenses with them: Humans become, for a brief moment, significant players in an almost unimaginable drama, the lasting lesson of which is, unfortunately, that we are total nobodies.

That is, at least, the lesson of an alien visit, who arrived long before we could; if humans are the ones making the first contact, we are the advanced ones, and the aliens are probably more like productive pond scum, which may be one reason we fantasize about those kinds of encounters a lot less than visits to Earth. Of course, we’re the pond scum when the aliens are the explorers.

The American dream is called the American Dream, Because you’d have to be asleep to Believe it.

When you have a Government that only looks after the interests of the wealthy and elites, you have a severe problem. 

Senator Lindsey Graham is the epitome of this; he’s a true Simp. According to the dictionary, a Simp is someone who goes above and beyond for someone they like

Senator Lindsey Graham is one of those men who put himself in a subservient/submissive position under someone in the hopes of winning them over, or a man who prides himself on chivalry in the hopes of obtaining sexual gratification from someone they desire

Unfortunately, that is what Lindsey Graham stands for right now! When it comes to the American people, these Senators have no desire to help the working class. Senators, on the other hand, have no qualms about donating $1 billion to Israel’s Military Dome System

These senators are determined to take away $300 in unemployment benefits, then have the audacity to accuse us of being lazy for not wanting to work a minimum wage job that neither pays to live nor helps us pay for medical care. It isn’t easy to stay alive and to live in AmericaThat is a proven fact! 

When It Comes Down To: 

  • Student loan bailouts. 
  • Improving our educational system. 
  • Reform of the Criminal Justice System.
  • Reform of the police. 
  • Increasing the strength of labor unions. 
  • Assisting the poor. 
  • Assisting with equal pay. 
  • Raising the minimum wage. 
  • A system of universal health care. 

It is difficult to persuade these senators to do their jobs properly. 
Furthermore, senators are currently discussing America’s (debt) deficit crisis. But they have no problem handing over a $1 Billion Dollars to Israel. When it comes to anything having to do with the people of the United States, they do nothing. 

  • Healthcare for all, the Senate has no problem stopping any progress on fixing our healthcare system. 
  • Helping students who have student loans that they will never be able to pay off, is a problem for the Senate
  • When it comes to ‘Israel,’ they will gladly give them $1 Billion Dollars.

Senators in the United States are penny pinchers. 

Achieving good quality of life in America is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of policies set by a small group of Elitists (wealthy) and lobbyists who pay Senators to make policies that benefit only themselves and a small group of corporate elitists.

The Current lobbying issues:

• Political decisions will no longer benefit the general public. Lobbying is typically based on the needs of a small Elite Group (The Rich). 

• Lobbying is an attempt to achieve a specific goal that may or may not benefit the general public. Lobbyists or lobbying are only influential in a particular group of people. 

This has caused the country to stagnate. Suicide rates in the United States have increased by 30%, putting us at odds with our European Union allies and our Asian neighbors. How can an American bond with their family if they have three jobs? 

The following are America’s problems: 

  • There is no safety net. 
  • There are no jobs available. 
  • There is no community. 
  • Extensive debts.
  • Employers who will fire you for any reason in order to hire cheaper labor. 
  • Extending your financial resources. 
  • Labor unions were dismantled. 
  • Middle-class jobs are being outsourced to other countries. 
  • The cost of living is escalating. 
  • US Politicians are ineffective. 

Those are just a few of the reasons. 

This is why China is laughing at us Americans. China is capitalizing on what America isn’t doing. Nonetheless, the US military-industrial complex wants to go to war with China in order to maintain the status quo. And now, the United States military and Congress believe that (UFOs) or (UAPs) pose a threat to American security. That is nonsense

  • (UFO) is an abbreviation for ‘Unidentified Flying Object.’ 
  • (UAP) is an abbreviation for ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.’ 

And now, UFOs pose a threat to America because they are unfathomable and uncontrollable.

As a result, they believe that UFOs threaten their power, which is truly pitiful
This is why China is growing while America is deteriorating. It’s pathetic!

The American dream is no longer fading; it has vanished. The very wealthy already make the rules. America is an oligarchy; it is unavoidable. 

The facts about the American dream is, It’s called the American Dream, because you’d have to be asleep to believe it.

Alyssa Carson, have you heard of her?


•  American model, Kendall Jenner posing, displaying what many consider to be the ideal female beauty. This picture went viral a few days ago.


•  Alyssa Carson, the 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to pass all NASA aerospace tests and is now preparing to become the first human to travel to Mars.

Have you heard of her?

I believe it is past time for us as a society to reconsider our ideals and aspirations, don’t you?

Our daughters require role models to look up to. Please, let’s get some better role models!

For thousands of years, humans have worshiped idols such as statues, gods, people, animals, inanimate objects, and today, celebrities.  Celebrity worship is defined as an obsessive interest in a famous person.  

There has been extensive research on psychological correlates of celebrity worship, such as problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, desire for fame, and self-efficacy.  According to the findings of hierarchical regression analyses, high levels of celebrity worship are linked to problematic Internet use, maladaptive daydreaming, and a desire for fame & mental Health Issues.

Furthermore, females were more likely than males to become obsessed with celebrities.  These findings contribute to a better understanding of celebrity worship by providing a more comprehensive picture of the psychological difficulties associated with it.  

Finally, celebrity worship has become such an important part of our culture that there isn’t a day that goes by without some celebrity news. While some celebrity culture and media are merely used for entertainment, others regard celebrity worship as cult-like-devotion.

The problem with celebrity culture is the fact that many of them have no meaningful Talent that could impact the world. For example, LeBron James is a good Basket-Ball player, but what has basketball done for humanity? Can you win Wars by dribbling a ball and throwing it into a hoop? While many people idolize LeBron James, many of them would probably give their wives to him in order for him to make thunderous noises in the bedroom.  

However; no one has ever heard of the three black scientists who are paving the way for NASA to assist humanity in setting foot on another planet, Mars.

NASA chose 18 astronauts from its corps to form the Artemis Team on December 9, 2020, making them eligible for early flight assignments to exploration missions. Three African-American astronauts are part of the Artemis Team, which will help pave the way for missions to and around the Moon.

The three are as follows:

Victor J. Glover, a member of the International Space Station’s Expedition 64 crew.

• In 2017, Jessica A. Watkins (Geologist) was chosen as a NASA astronaut.

Stephanie D. Wilson, a veteran of three space shuttle missions to the International Space Station.

But I’m sure no one has heard of those three incredible people who will change the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

So, to recap, the situation is as follows:

Kendall Jenner, an American model and actress, has gotten a lot of attention for displaying what many people consider to be the ideal female beauty. Kendell Jenner’s photo went viral.

Alyssa Carson, a 19-year-old astronaut who became the youngest person in history to become an astronaut, is, however, unrecognizable to the general public and the media.

There were no reports by the media on Ms. Alyssa Carson achievements.

The Parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany! What’s the Distinction?

Recent analogies have been made that claim similarities between Nazi Germany and the Confederate States of America. We don’t have to wait long to draw parallels between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany & Confederate States of America all has one thing in common. They both were defeated. And they both have similarity in Ideology.

After Nazi Germany’s defeats during World War 2 – the Nazi’s leaders were put on trial in front of the world and they were convicted & hanged for there wars crimes & crimes against Humanity. However, in America after the United States Civil Wars came to an end. Not one single Confederate States of America Representative & Solders were convicted of war crime nor treason.

For Example:

  • Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Nazi Foreign Minister, was hanged in Nuremberg for crimes against humanity. And others who were apart of Nazi Germany regime were found guilty & hanged.
  • And former Confederate General John B. Gordon was elected into the United States Senate after the American Civil War Ended.  Not one Confederate Representative nor Confederate solder were charged with War Crimes. Instead, there were statues built after them and honoring them despite their war crimes against humanity.

Germany has spent decades in national penance for Nazi war crimes committed during World War II. And  America spent the decades following the Civil War attempting to turn the leaders of the Confederacy into American hero & not criminals. 

Nazi Germany was founded by a regime that asserted white supremacy and engaged in a selective process of eliminating those deemed inferior and a threat to their ideology.  Comparisons between the Confederate States of America and Nazi Germany are astonishing. 

As citizens of the United States, the 70 million Confederate descendants have no control over the comparatively few deviants who have disgraced the virtuous of the Confederacy. The Nazi’s saw a clear parallel between their own beliefs and those of the American South. Although Hitler had a negative view of the United States, attributing its economic woes in the 1930s to the country’s allegedly degraded racial stock, he believed a Confederate victory would have set the country on the right track.  

 If we look back at the Nazi leader in 1933 that’s the beginnings of a great new social order based on the principles of slavery and inequality were destroyed when the South lost the Civil War. Northern victory brought a corrupt caste of merchants to power, hastening racial decay. It also ruled out the possibility of a truly great America ruled by a true class emerging, casting aside all the falsities of liberty and equality.

Activists targeted both explicit political connections between Nazi’s and Southern politicians defending the Jim Crow System, as well as those that appeared to be benign.  As a result, activists worked to expose the connection between Nazis‘ explicit racial hierarchies and the more submerged narrative of white supremacy, a narrative ingrained in Confederate monuments that extolled Southern “heritage” while avoiding a direct discussion of slavery.  
However, defining the two hate groups that share so many similarities is not difficult. We’ll explain what they’re all about.  

1) Neo-Confederates: Also known as southern nationalists, Neo-Confederates support the Confederacy. Beginning in 1861, these 11 southern states seceded from the United States and fought against the North in the American Civil War. Their opinions differ, but many want the South to secede and form its own country. Some argue that the war was fought over states’ rights rather than slavery, and they use this argument to cover up racism within their ranks.  

2) Neo-Nazis are inspired by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi era, and they are particularly fond of appropriating their symbols. They are defined by their anti-Semitism, though they also despise other minorities.  These hate groups must be disbanded. 


Hatred must come to an end. Racism persists because no one wants to see it go away. That is the main issue with the United States. And this will be the most serious shortcoming for the United States of America.


With more people Globally getting vaccinated, the discussions about vaccine passports are accelerating.
The findings showed that Australia, Denmark, and Sweden have committed themselves to implement vaccine passports and that they are considering versions from the United States, British Government, and the European Union. Although the uses of the vaccine passports differ. 

But, the vaccine supplies are currently limited, so it is morally questionable to grant privileges to the people who were glad to receive them.

Even with the more significant availability of vaccines, they note that rates among minorities and low-income individuals may remain low, leading to discrimination.  A vaccine passport system also essentially penalizes people who are religious. It also punishes people who don’t want vaccinations. 
Nevertheless, It only seems fair to demand that those who refuse vaccination bear some consequences for refusal, especially if such hesitation collectively makes immunity out of reach.

The range of competing arguments suggests that vaccine passports governments would be hasty and extremely unlikely in the United States Of America. The vaccine passport may be helpful in the longer term, but I have several concerns at this point when I do not believe the scientific evidence can support it. And there are many and legitimate ethical concerns about them. The protection offered by coronavirus vaccines is very far from complete among these scientists, and we know very little about the efficacy of vaccines against various variants circulating in different countries in preventing infections or even asymptomatic diseases.

However, as some have suggested, the arguments do not support a ban on the use of all vaccine certifications.
Governor Ron DeSantis said in Florida this week that he would issue an executive order that prohibits the passport requirement by local governments and companies. One area that has become much clearer is the protection offered by vaccines, an argument for credentials. Vaccinations dramatically reduce the risk of data, particularly in terms of serious illness and death. A medical expert said that although the risk of vaccinations is reduced, the length of immunity is little known. A credential can then reverberate and lead to a false sense of safety and public health risk.
Health disparities are at the core of the ethical concerns of passports. Without a fair and equitable vaccine distribution system, we will only further deepen inequities in vaccine passports.

Racial minorities, who are more likely to die and are hesitant to be vaccinated, are already disproportionally affected by COVID-19. In low-income countries, the vaccine passports, which are expected first to be utilized in travel.
On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it had intimacy with any possible vaccine passport.
Should it be effortless to request and provide evidence of vaccination by a fitness system, such requests are probably overused, as credentials are requested for people at each turn.

While there are legitimate circumstances in which people can be requested for evidence of vaccination, we don’t want to become a checkpoint society that overwhelms the danger of COVID, excluding people without certification from facilities without the mandates of vaccines; it is highly justifiable. We need more information regarding the effects of transmission on vaccinated people or people who may be naturally immune; how long will it last? When new strains occur, what happens?

Journalists & mainstream news outlets like the LA Times, and Harry Litman a Political Commentator & American Lawyer are drooling at the prospect of imposing the vaccine passport to Brake The Resistance Down. Mr. Litman sounds like what a high-tech dictatorship would say!

The vaccine passport is the opening Salvo of what eventually could become the Chinese social credit system mirrored in the West. Is the same platform as a social credit system in China. In fact, the CCP can make any decision in 5 minutes because of the 360-degree surveillance of the social credit system. And it means that when you act like a good citizen, you get a boost. An opportunity is open for anything you desire. But, when you act like a bad citizen, opportunities get taken away. 

This can range from:
•  Your child not getting into a college or University. 

•  Not being able to have your child go into prep school.

•  Not being able to find employment.

•  Getting denied for a promotion. 

•  Having your travel restricted. 

•  Not being able to leave in the country. 

•  Not being able to go on vacation. 

Basically, your freedom is minimal.
The vaccine passport that has been proposed in the rest of the Western world such as:

• The United States

• Great Britain

• France

• Belgium

• Germany

• Brazil

• Argentina 

• And including the Caribbean 

The Vaccine passport that’s being proposed will have similarities to the Chinese social credit scores.  
This is the most dangerous tool that Humanity has faced in our lifetime – In terms of human Liberty. 

Freshwater Fish Facing Extinction, Declining Numbers Is Alarming:

According to multiple reports distributed on Tuesday(Feb-23-2020) by 20 journalist and scientific researchers they’re about, 20,000 freshwater fish species inhabit our seas, rivers & lakes, up more than half of the world’s total freshwater fish and one third of the population of all vertebrate species on our Planet.

Biodiversity is necessary to sustain not just the health of the environment but rather the economic stability of areas around the world.

Multitudes of fish species face the severe collapse of their ecosystem and the health of our food production and subsistence of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe; evidence found that one-third of all freshwater fish now face extinction.

Approximately 143 million individuals across Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, and South America depends on freshwater commercial fishermen for their major source of protein. Roughly one-third of these human beings also rely heavily on them because of their jobs and livelihoods and family and communities.

This should be concerning to all of us. This will be a detrimental impact on our world and our ecosystem.


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History of Oligarchy in the United States:

Where did it all start, and how did we get here?

America’s had arguably four major brushes with an oligarchy system throughout it’s history.

First, was the US Founding Fathers who overthrew the oligarchy / monarchy of The British Empire.

And second was in the 1830s of the invention of the Cotton Gin.  Because of this, there were a massive consolidation of plantations in the Confederate South, which turn the Confederate South into an Oligarchy and a Police State.

They reached out across State-Line and passed multiple harsh legislation such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. The Confederates States/The South tried to destroy America’s Democracy! They failed because the Union push back the oligarchs which resulted in the American Civil War of the 1860s – 1865s.

After the North/Union won the Civil War, the US Congress, and US General Ulysses S. Grant, made sure to Broke up southern plantations. And Traitorous General Robert E. Lee’s Plantation was purposely dismantled & transformed into what we call today Arlington National Cemetery. The burial grounds of Union soldiers who died in the American Civil War.

Then, the oligarchies of America rose again in the late eighteen hundreds & the early nineteen-hundreds with the Industrial Revolution.

In the early 1900s,  the oligarchs of America managed to crash the economy in 1929. President Roosevelt Administration fought them back.

President Roosevelt & his administration was able to swiftly and aggressively take down the oligarchy that had a monopoly over the US government. President Roosevelt’s administration put the oligarchs back in a corner where they have no power and no influence.

Until the 1980s, Former President Ronald Reagan invited the oligarchs back into a position of power and influence.
And now we’re in this situation:

• A Divided nation.
• A Polarizing country.
• People in America are agitated by the current government.
• Everything is overpriced.
• American People see no future.

Many Americans view former President Ronald Reagan to be the worse and unethical US President in History.

Reagan’s Legacy is deemed by Scholars the President who laid the foundation for the concept of Reaganomics and trickled down economics, policies & legislation that only benefits the 1%.  
These Reaganomics policies still affect our Governmental system to this day.

And now we reached the point where American citizens are talking about a second Civil War, Americans taking up arms & Numerous states like Texas are planning on succeeding from the Union(United States Of America).

Furthermore, there was a famous study by Gillan from Princeton University in 2014 found that before the Reagan Revolution, the average person in America would have their legislator set legislation pass that can benefit all, which is why we see legislation passed in the 60s and 70s – we have Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamps and Housing support. And including President Lyndon B. Johnson Great Society legislation, Affirmative Action, and Civil Rights Laws passing around this United States Of America and all kinds of Progressive laws being implemented in the United States.

But since the Reagan Revolution, the bottom 90% – their legislator rarely made laws or legislation that would benefit the American people.

Instead, laws and legislation would benefit the top 1%, causing a massive disruption towards the system in America. The system currently at play only benefits the rich and the famous and those who are well-recognized, which is why the system is failing. This failure caused the Great Divide in America and the extraordinary polarization situation that we’re in today.

That’s the true definition of an oligarchy.
We are not a functioning democracy right now. And this would be a massive setback for the United States of America.

We are in an early-stage oligarchy, and the significant danger is that oligarchies are unstable. Because the majority gets frustrated due to the fact that they don’t get the kind of laws passed that could benefit all. The laws that are passed benefits the few. Which can create a dangerous situation in our society that can spark Revolution, Civil War, and Civil Unrest.

Is there a chance that the American people can Switchback the current system to the way the founders want it to be, democracy?

So, the chances to flip back to a democracy is a pretty small percentage.

There is a perfect chance that our society will turn into a full-blown police state, which is what has happened in Russia, Hungary, Brazil, and now what is happening in the Philippines and other nations around the world. So we’re at the real turning point right now.

If we want to make sure that America returns to a democracy, we have to get money out of politics.

2020 End of A Decade

2020 can’t end fast enough. The year has been marked by many tremendous tales, from the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic upheaval to the most recent presidential elections and civil unrest. And that doesn’t even mention the wildfires that destroyed the western coast of the United State and the tremendous wildfire that engulf half the Country of Australia.

What are you going to see is that we’re going to attempt to cure the pandemic. The world is slowly returning to business as usual, with vaccination. It will be a lot better when a significant proportion of the population is given a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus. The need for wearing a mask in public is likely to persist.

The new normal, whenever we reach it, is likely to be a combination of the way things were, what they became during the pandemic, and what is still unforeseeable. People will want things to go back to normal. They’re so deprived to have fun, or to go somewhere to see their friends, even to go to a cinema, that they can do when conditions are safe.

The air pollution is significantly lower because of the lockdown & people staying inside not being able to use their vehicles to pollute the air is a good thing. And people from India for the first time are able to see the Himalayas from a long distance.

This is a very optimistic prediction. If we’re lucky, we should be optimistic about these predictions if they’re going to be accurate. But we shall see what 2021 brings to us all.