On April 10, 2020, there have been affirmed cases of CoronaVirus among South America’s Tribes.

The nation of Brazil has reported the first coronavirus case among the most vulnerable ethnic group called Yanomami people. 

The Yanomami is an Amazon indigenous group known for its detachment from the remainder of the population of the world, and they are known to keep an ancient way of living, and they are additionally vulnerable to outside sicknesses and diseases. 

The first known case was a 20-year-old person from the ethnic group known as Kokama tribe, who was affirmed to have the Covid-19 virus. 

The following case was a 14-year-old kid, was being treated in an emergency unit, a medical clinic in the Boa Vista region, in the capital of Roraima. 

Brazil is home to an expected 607,055 indigenous groups from in excess of 275 different ethnic groups living in isolation away from first-world peoples.

The Yanomami, who are known for their face paint and complex piercings and other unique and cultural things that make them known to First world people. They have even been on magazine covers that are highly recognizable amongst the general population of the media and recognized by some first world people.

The Yanomami Generally are disconnected from the outside world until the mid-twentieth century; they were crushed by multiple diseases and viruses from the first contact from the outside world, for example, measles and jungle fever during the 1970s. 

Indigenous groups in the Amazon rainforest are especially defenseless against imported illnesses since they have been verifiably separated from germs, and many types of viruses against which a significant part of the world has created insusceptibility.

However, Brazil and the world’s Media are absolutely shocked and surprised that covid-19 had reached an isolated tribe in the Amazon. Now public figures are trying to figure out how they should contain this virus that has no boundaries.

The Coronavirus (covid-19) had reached multiple isolated tribes in South America’s Amazons. No one knows how one of Brazil’s most recognizable tribes got infected by the covid-19.

So now the only problem is, how many more tribes are infected and how to reach them? 

Many of South America has tribes are very hostile to first-world people. So in many ways, it’s going to be extremely difficult to treat them, those that are hostile to first-world people.

Now the question is, how many tribes have been infected with covid-19 and how can we go about it in treating them. Especially those that are hostile towards first-world people. 

The Department of Justice wants to Suspend our Sacred Rights given to us by the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence

The Department of Justice wants to Suspend our Sacred Rights giving to us by the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence During the Coronavirus(Covid-19) Crisis. 

The Department of Justice has furtively approached Congress for the capacity to confine and arrest individuals “inconclusively,” which is very startling. 

The Trump Department of Justice has requested that Congress create enactment permitting chief judges appointed authorities to inconclusively hold individuals without preliminary and suspend other naturally ensured rights given by the U.S. Constitution during coronavirus, as per a report by Politicos. 

The Department of Justice wants to suspend alienable rights giving to us by the U.S. Constitution will probably not work out as intended with a Justly controlled House of Representatives, controlled by the Democratic Party. 

Experts and historians stated: The White House and the Trump administrations had exhibited startling negligence for rights counted in the Constitution, which it reminds them of what happened during Nazi Germany when the burning of the Reichstag building in Berlin, on February 27, 1933, which established the Nazi to be voted into power and then established the horrors thereafter. 

All Americans need to be very scared of this situation that is happening now.  The White House is using the Coronavirus to take away alliable right given to us by the Founding Fathers of this Country.  

The Department of Justice has mentioned Congress permit any central adjudicator of any district court to either stop or delay court procedures at whatever point under any circumstances.  

This would apply to “any rules or rules of method, in any case, influencing pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-arrest, post-arrest and post-preliminary systems in criminal and adolescent procedures and every thoughtful procedure. They legitimize this by saying judges as of now can delay or stop legal procedures in any crisis, yet that new enactment would permit them to apply it in a reliable way according to them.

However, the Constitution gives U.S. citizens habeas corpus, which provides arrestees with the option to show up before the court and request to be discharged before preliminary. The Department of Justice wants to enactment to suspend all habeas corpus inconclusively until the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is over. Further, the Department of Justice solicited Congress to postpone the rule from restrictions on any criminal investigation and standard procedures during the crisis until a year after it ended. 

As coronavirus (Covid-19) spreads through the nation, activists are approaching lawmakers to discharge detainees and prison workers held in confinement, the two of which can be a hotbed of infection with such vast numbers of individuals around other people and limited or non-existent supplies of cleanser, sanitizer. Be that as it may, with this, the Trump Administration is finding multiple ways to hold more individuals in jails for dubious measures, demonstrating how we are losing our Democracy by slowly chipping away our alliable right giving to us by the United States Of America Constitution and the Declaration Of Independence. 

The United States Of America Presidential Impeachment Trial:

Trump impeachment trial:

The Articles of Impeachment in the US Constitution stated; “The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment. The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments.”

“When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of The United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present.”

“Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States; but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment, and Punishment, according to Law.”

“In Article II, The current President shall have the power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.”

“The President or Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

The Information above originated from the United States of America Constitution and Wikipedia based on information break down of the United States Of America’s Constitution.


Writer: Steadman Blake

Presidential impeachment are uncommon in America. In our whole established history of the US constitution, we’ve seen just three genuine endeavors to expel a president for “Treachery, Remuneration, or other high Crimes and Wrongdoings”: Andrew Johnson in 1868, Bill Clinton in 1998 — both of whom were summoned by the House yet got away from expulsion by the Senate — and Richard Nixon, who resigned in 1974 preceding the elected official of the House could vote.  However, as for President Donald J. Trump’s turbulent residency proceeds, it appears to be progressively conceivable that we’ll see a fourth.  The Constitution requires a 66% supermajority to convict a sitting President of the United States. The Senate enters judgment on its choice, regardless of whether that be to condemn or to clear, and a duplicate of the report is documented with the Secretary of State.

On December 16, the House Judiciary Committee and Council discharged a report indicating criminal remuneration and wire extortion charges as a significant aspect of the maltreatment of the office of the Presidency and the abuse of power charges. On December 18, the House cast a ballot generally along partisan lines to indict the president on the two charges.

The procedure is to begin by a 66% or a two-thirds majority vote of the Parliament to impugn the President, at which point the Supreme Court chooses whether the President is blameworthy of the wrongdoing of which he is charged. If he is seen as liable, he is expelled from power.

The principles and everything else you have to know:

A decision on whether to call observers to affirm in the Senate isn’t relied upon to what will happen until after opening contentions have finished up.

The Senate prosecution is preliminary of President Donald Trump — just the third in U.S. history.

The top Supreme Court Justice, Chief Justice Roberts, will manage the preliminary, yet his job is more constrained than that of a judge in a court. He would run on evidentiary inquiries or pass them along for the Senate to decide on. The Senate can supersede Chief Justice Roberts’ choices with a majority vote.

The whole Senate is the jury; however, it additionally has some judge-like forces. Notwithstanding deciding on methodology and proof, the congressmen and women can submit issues with Chief Justice Roberts. They’re not permitted to address lawyers for the different sides legitimately; however, they can offer inquiries to Chief Justice Roberts, who will understand them.

Republicans would require 51 votes to reject the case, and there are 53 Republican. However, there’s little enthusiasm for the “Grand Old Party or to abbreviate the GOP, aka republican party, is in hurling out the situation. Some moderate Republicans, including Senator Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine, have said they’d be available to calling observers. Democrats would require four Republicans to agree with them for that to occur.

Be that as it may; It would take a supermajority of 67 votes to convict. The decision can’t be engaged in a court. Both past presidential prosecution preliminaries finished in vindications. Along these lines, the equivalent for the present US President will undoubtedly be the equivalent. It is very uncommon to accuse a sitting President.

Why have presidential arraignments been so uncommon? One apparent reason is the high auxiliary boundary to expulsion. Article I, Segment 3, stipulates that “no Individual will be indicted without the Simultaneousness of 66% of the Individuals present.” It’s impossible that the Composers were thoroughly appreciated how much arrangement would limit the way toward impeachment.

The functional impact of that change, related to the ascent of ideological groups, has been to make it practically difficult to convict a sitting President of impeachable offenses.

Forest fire in 🇦🇺Australia 🇦🇺

The size of flames in Australia is remarkable. There are a considerable amount of animals that will be endangered. The limit of our environments to bounce back from the blazes will be tough.

The fire, which has been consuming all over Australia for quite a long time, has demolished homes and cleared out whole towns. About 23 million sections of land have been scorched, and a lot of it bushland, animal habitats, and national parks have been devastated.

Forest fires are nothing new in Australia. However, the forest fires have been increasingly extreme and getting progressively dangerous as of this century. An issue that has been exacerbated by environmental change. What’s more, animals have been on edge, and Australia has the most elevated rates of species loss of any region on the planet. Ecologists dread that rate could increment as the fire catastrophe proceeds.

Almost a large portion of Australians animals have been affected by the flames alone, with millions possibly dead, according to ecologists.

The Dark Legacy of the United States of America

United States Declaration of Independence
In the United States Declaration of Independence, it is stated “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Maker with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” This has been designated “outstanding amongst and the best-known sentences in the English language”, containing “the most powerful and weighty words in American history”. The section came to speak to an ethical standard to which the US ought to endeavor. This view was strikingly advanced by Lincoln, who believed the Assertion to be the establishment of his political way of thinking and contended that it is an announcement of standards through which the US Constitution ought to be deciphered.

What is the dark legacy of American History

Much of American History has been crude and vulgar at multiple points of its foundation. Throughout American History, the effects of more than 400 years ago can still be felt today. I will express my opinions in this paper and go into the facts, evidence, and public records written down.

The dark legacy of American history is the resultt of a condition that comes along with a negative point in such events in history that is intended to hurt and oppress others such as a form of slavery or servitude that can make a huge impact on generations – especially an effect that is harmful to generation of people that can still be felt today.

The Circumstances in America History:
For much of American history, the United States Declaration of Independence was not followed accordingly. This is due to narrow-minded people that has hate and Prejudice which helped laid the foundation for the problems that we are in today.
For example, States set detainees to work through a practice called “convict leasing,” this means, former white slaves’ owners and industrialists “leased” detainees to work for them. States and private organizations made vast amounts of profits doing this, yet detainees didn’t. This implied a vast majority of African American detainees ended up living and working on ranches and plantations without wanting to and for no compensation decades after the Civil War. This is slavery by another name. The 13 amendment contends that makes an exemption for “automatic subjugation,” not “Slavery,” and that are important historical and legitimate distinctions between the two. However, no court has officially managed this differentiation, and numerous courts have utilized two terms reciprocally. In 1871, the Virginia Supreme Court decided that an indicted individual was “a Slave of the State.” The thirteenth Amendment didn’t abolish bondage nor slavery yet instead moved it from the plantation to the prison. This is no mistake, in fact, in The New Jim Crow of the 21 centuries, it spreads out how a system of Jim Crow supplanted slavery and later how an arrangement of mass detainment rose to replace and renew the new Jim Crow system in the United States of America.
In any case, significantly more critically, there are numerous in office officials who hold this preference, yet simultaneously, gives an empty talk to the estimation of ‘equivalent rights,’ or freely denounce the wrongs of prejudice. The false reverence is very glaring to the individuals who have a strong establishing in good judgment. It’s anything but a significant issue when strict narrow-minded people communicate it inside the general society since individuals with a profound feeling of reasonableness and good resilience perceive the truth about such human offensiveness. Be that as it may, when such strict, narrow mindedness individuals showed in legislative positions or approaches, it is segregation. Not exclusively are legislative strategies that target strict associations a legitimized method for an any form of segregation and discrimination, it is an infringement of the Principal in the United States of America Constitution, especially the 13 amendment.
Tragically, the grave risk with this circumstance is that when we the people accept these kinds of behaviors and yet, we seem to keep on electing these kinds of narrow-minded individuals to make decisions that will negatively affect multiple generations to come. We keep on electing them and expecting changes to be made. But, then we complain about the very same thing each circle of new leadership in America.

The first Africans to arrive in Virginia, in 1619, were bought from a slave ship but were treated as indentured servants. No legal system existed there at that time for slavery. Legacy that affects us today is that in 1676 Governor William Berkeley of Virginia ended the indentured servitude system, and replaced it with the African slave system. Nevertheless, slaves were not the predominant working labor force. But, they are going to become the predominant working Force. However; the most importation of African slaves, and the subjugation of native Americans as slaves began at different times in the early 13 colonies of what would become the United States.
The slave system, as we know it now “American Slavery” will ran its course until 1865 When in the American Civil War ended. The dark Legacy extended from the America’s foundation by the founding fathers through the American Civil War in the 1860s and the effect America in the 19th, 20th century to today.
The system of broad race-based slavery that characterized America, existed throughout:
● The American Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation and the adoption of the 13th amendment to U.S. Constitution which freed any forms of Slavery.
● And the Reconstruction Era, which will lead to the creation of the invisible Empire/Ku Klux Klan and its founder General Nathan Bedford Forrest, which lead to the Jim Crow era along with the segregation era of throughout 1900s which will lead to the creation of the NAACP.
● And to Brown versus Board of Education in 1954. This will lead to the March on Washington DC, led by Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Junior “I Have a Dream speech.” Which will lead to his assassination in 1968, and the aftermath it will have on the King riots in 1968.
● And President Nixon’s War on Drugs, which mainly targets African American and Hispanic
Communities. And the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles – 1992, to eventually having the first African American President Barack Obama, which led to a white-backlash at the end of his presidency and led to Donald Trump becoming the 45th President of the United States.

However, the ethical connection to the Founders ethical ideas and moral belief they held as they were founding this Nation.
It is generally accepted by the founding fathers that perceived religion and profound quality were expected to shape the establishment, at which point this new republic would rest. For instance, President George Washington said in his 1796 farewell address:
Of various auras and propensities, which lead to political thriving, religion and ethical quality are key bolsters. Futile would that man guarantee the tribute of enthusiasm, which should work to subvert these extraordinary mainstays of human joy, these firmest props of the obligations of men and residents.
In any case, the Ethicalness in the Bible is a method for understanding the U.S. Constitution, which underscores a combination of the right way of thinking and protects the law. President Washington believed the job of profound quality in government is associated with God and the individuals that pursue a decent way of the poise and truth without tyranny.
President George Washington contends that strict standards advance the assurance of property, notoriety, and life that are the establishments of equity. Of many demeanors and propensities, which lead to political flourishing, religion and ethical quality are crucial to a nation. The scriptural Ten Commandments and is the type of most legitimate system of government today.
The move in the moral atmosphere affects opportunities in all structures. Evangelicals must not compartmentalize church, state, and economy into autonomous circles; however, comprehend that strict opportunity, explicitly Christianity, is essential and corresponding to social, political, and financial opportunity. The ethical, strict, and philosophical atmosphere of a mass shapes the political, community, and financial states of a country.
It has been found that America has taken a great leap towards humankind and helping those get out of poverty. However, the belief and it has been true for a while. America has been involved in great world wars that include taking out tyrannical leaders. America stands in the world to keep the world at Bay, although that America itself is being challenged by various remnants of groups that do not believe in America’s viewpoints and ethical obligations.

However, do I believe America has lived up to his obligations?

  • My answer is “Yes” I do believe America has lived up to its obligations.
  • My answer is “No” America has never lived up to its obligations.

Throughout American History, America has been an inhumane Nation from its foundation towards other ethnic groups throughout the 16-Hundreds to the 21st century. America has spent of its History enslaving people, passing laws that oppressed people. Furthermore, it killed people, including hanging and lynching and castration.
Moreover, using propaganda to call those people lazy when they know that they are being oppressed. Furthermore, refusing to recognize the History and covering up the problem whitewashing History to their benefits. Furthermore, ignoring the historical issues that have affected multiple generations.
So, it is fair to say that History will say that America did not live up to his obligations. However, in the end, America can achieve to regain confidence in the Life of their nations and society. However; much of American History has been crude and vulgar at multiple points of the foundation of American History.
The future of the United States is genuinely unknown. I wonder if the United States will exist until the 22nd century. Seventy years from now, the year will be 2100, the 22nd century. I wonder if the concept of race will be a part of Ancient American History. Still affects us to this day. I wonder in this coming century, will America even make it to the 22 centuries, or will it become just like another Empire that comes and goes, like the fall of the Roman Empire.

How does all this can connect to philosophical ethics and moral competition versus the United States history and the Declaration of Independence?

This all relates to moral philosophy and understanding and right and wrong, Good and Evil and the respect of government within the rules of law can all be related to moral philosophy which can connect to the Deeds of man and man’s Great accomplishments along the lines of moral obligations.
The U.S. Declaration of Independence, which accentuates a combination of the excellent way of thinking and sacred law.
Similitude’s among morals and laws: as a rule, laws are made dependent on virtues of a specific culture and tradition. They portray the essential conduct of individuals. In other words, laws speak to the base guidelines of social practices, that is, moral conduct.

United Nations day!

 This event was celebrated as United Nations day. This event was entitled our Planet, our Futures!

This event was located at SUNY Global Center in Manhattan New York. Event took place On October 25, 2019. I was invited to this event by Jeanne Stillman UNA-USA-SNY & and her husband David Stillman who is executive director of Public-Private Alliance Foundation.


  • Professor Ilgu Ozler is the Director of the SUNY Global Engagement Program in NYC and an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations at SUNY New Paltz.


  • Zeke Johnson is the Senior Director of Programs at Amnesty International USA.  He leads the organization’s team of thematic issue experts working to end human rights violations in the United States and around the world.
  • Kavita Desai is an Adviser on Sustainable Development and Global Policy with the United Nations Foundation. She received her Doctorate from Pace University Law School with certificates in environmental and international law.
  • Bruce Knotts is the director of Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office (UU-UNO) since 2008. 

All the speakers’ emphased these points:

Millions of people are already suffering from the catastrophic effects of extreme disasters exacerbated by climate change. The effects of the climate crisis will continue to grow and worsen over time, compounding and magnifying existing inequalities, creating ruin for current and future generations. 

Burning of fossil fuels oil, coal, and gas is driving one of the biggest challenges facing the world today: climate change. Extreme weather events, rising oceans, and record-setting temperatures are wreaking havoc on hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods around the world. Greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels, have already warmed the globe by more than 1°Celsius since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Unless we can rein in these emissions and ambitiously transition to a just, clean, and renewable energy future – the planet will become unrecognizable as global temperatures soar by 4, 5, or 6 °Celsius and beyond.

To avoid the worst of dangerous climate change, we must keep carbon in the ground. According to the best available science, to have a decent shot at limiting global warming to even

2°Celsius, 80% of the fossil fuels we already have access to must stay in the ground. This number will be even more dramatic for the 1.5 °Celsius Limit that countries, including the U.S., have committed to. This effectively means no major new fossil fuel projects, and phasing out existing fossil fuel production and consumption by the middle of the century, replacing them with a safe, clean, just, and renewable economy that is 100% decarbonized.

Science couldn’t be more precise. According to the latest UN climate report, we have less than 12 years to cut global emissions in half. This means the world must rapidly phase-out of fossil fuels. To get there, major global banks must be held accountable for the massive social and environmental impacts of their financing decisions. They must defund climate change. For me, the discussion on banking and fossil fuel was the highlight of the day, for which Zeke Johnson of Amnesty International was the main speaker.

Banks and Climate:

The latest Banking on Climate Change 2019 report reveals the shocking fact that since the Paris Climate Accord, big banks have increased financing for fossil fuels.

In fact, in the three years since Paris, big banks have pumped $1.9trillion into the fossil fuel sector. This is an insult to logic, science and humanity.

Banks must take responsibility and play an integral part in initiating the pivot away from fossil fuels, but it’s up to us to push these banks to take necessary action. Let’s start with the biggest and worst of them all: JPMorgan Chase.

Indigenous Rights:

Indigenous peoples are among those experiencing impacts from a changing climate first and worst. At the same time, they are at the forefront of movements around the world to protect land, air, and water from fossil fuel production. From the Transmountain pipeline, the Coastal gas link pipeline, the Bayou Bridge pipeline, to the Keystone pipelines, Indigenous peoples was leading the fights against major fossil fuel infrastructure projects that would lock us into decades more of fossil fuel expansion.

The banks supporting the fossil fuel industry have a responsibility to avoid financing projects and companies that violate Indigenous rights, including in particular treaty rights, religious rights, and the right to require free, prior, and informed consent for development that impacts them. And yet, JPMorgan Chase and other banks are backing companies, which are trying to build the Line 3 pipeline despite explicit opposition by impacted Indigenous nations. Chase is also the only bank that is financing ALL OF THE FOUR key areas expansion companies-Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline, Teck Frontier Resources Mine, TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline, and the BlackMountain pipeline. Chase has an outsized role in ravaging the environment and trampling on the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Chase as Banker of Climate Change:

Chase has been funding fossil fuel expansion projects that devastate the environment and violate human rights, particularly indigenous rights.

Amnesty international has decided enough is enough, and is joining communities and organizations around the world in a bold campaign to hold Chase accountable.

With almost two decades of experience with Wall Street banks and building on the momentum from many Indigenous and grassroots-led fights, Amnesty international is undertaking a critical campaign. To get JPMorgan Chase out of fossil fuels to protect human rights, including indigenous rights, and ensure a livable future.

The era of big banks avoiding responsibility for the very real-world consequences of their investment decisions need to be over. Emissions have to drop by almost half by 2030, and going forward, Chase’s fossil financing has to match that trajectory. Chase must take responsibility, and play an integral part in initiating the pivot away from fossil fuels.

I am very conscious that this is a multidecade-long transition — however, a large number of laggards in the oil business have yet to move. And the distance between oil companies and what investors, environmentalists, and electorates expect from them seems destined to widen.

It was said the increase of fossil-fuel production delivers superior returns for shareholders, so there is a strong chance that this will not end anytime soon due to the amount of money that is being produced.

I have gone to a lot of events that speak of climate change. However, those events were not detailed compared to this event I went to.

At the SUNY Global Center event, they have spoken about the connection between the banks and the problems they cause on climate change and the negative impact they choose not to care about.

I’m just amazed by how detailed this event was.

Since I have been attending this course for my criminal justice major and writing multiple papers on my experience, I’ve gained much by going to this event.

Since this event was so astonishing. I would definitely go to more events like this. But I would hope that future events that explained the climate problems will go into details on how climate change is connected to the higher-ups and government entities and then how this affects populations and people of color around the world.

 I am astonished knowing that Chase Bank profits more on climate disaster than any other of the banks in the US. I am also surprised that the bank that I like so much Wells Fargo is also profiting from the climate change disaster, which is very unfortunate because I see Wells Fargo be a unique Bank.

 But once greed is set in place in our culture and society it’s tough for those individuals in power to make the positive change to help everybody on the planet. This event was the most interesting and the most extraordinary event on climate change.   This event was so amazing I’m even thinking about going into environmental law.

The Rise of China and international power and influence

This event took place on October 15, 2019 at 150 East 42nd Street in Manhattan.  Brigham Young University hosted this event.  It was a lecture and discussion on China & United Nations Peacekeeping.

The Republic of China is often thought of as a potential lead troop-contributing nation towards the UN peace keeping operations. The discussion was to explore hypotheses, expenses and advantages of China’s peacekeeping intentions.

The speaker was Courtney J. Fung, associate professor of international relations at the University of Hong Kong and a partner with Fairbank center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University.

It was stated President Xi Jinping wants to show the world that peacekeeping is related to China and that a strong role by China is fundamental to achievement of peace on our planet.

China is set to assume a greater role in peacekeeping missions while additionally furnishing its military with opportunities to gain better understanding of other countries. 

China’s President Xi already offered to make 8,000 soldiers accessible to the UN in 2015, at which time he additionally offered to help train 2,000 peacekeepers from different nations, give US$100 million in military guide to the African Association, and convey designing, transport and restorative staff.

This event was all about China’s Influence on a global scale and thus this event also spoke about China’s progress in the Goals of the United Nations Peacekeeping progress. The Global Governance Author Series speaker, Courtney Fung, showed by many demonstrations and pictures what China has accomplished in the past decades.

In the course of twenty years, China has become a functioning member of United Nations peacekeeping. China has the ability to grow its commitments further. China’s way to deal with peacekeeping has advanced significantly since it acceptation at the United Nation Security Committee in 1971. Fung and many others at the meeting expressed their views on the possible future of this. 

UN peacekeeping operations are for the purpose of ensuring respect for international law and the ideals of human rights among and within countries. In keeping with the provisions of the UN Charter.

I have heard of China’s influence from the media and it’s often negative. I’ve heard from multiple news source of China building a dam & multiple railroads in Africa. I am just surprised how the news does not tell the entire story.  I’ve heard multiple times of China’s influence around the world. News Agencies never speak of china’s success and how the contribute to the goals of the United Nation Peacekeeping progress.

I’ve also heard from my Grandmother, 71 years old, who stated that China has even reached her Country, Jamaica and how China is gaining incredible influence around the Americas. My Grandmother stated that   her beloved Country has benefited but only at the expense of China’s goals to gain even greater influence in the Americas.

I know the world including the United States and the Western countries have spoken about their concerns on the Rise of China’s influence but I never knew it was on a scale that it is now.

In the news I’ve watched, from MSNBC to FOX NEWS” they speak of China’s Rise, but the way they speak is very negative and Focuses on human rights abuses and spying.

What I’ve learned is, when it comes down to the Chinese influence around the world. It creates a positive effect on countries that have been devastated by colonial policies that have affected Generations.

America and our allies are not likely to give out loans to countries that have a poor record for not paying their loans back in full.

However, China is aware of this. But China gives out loans to countries they know may not pay back their loans in full. What China seeks to gain is political dominance in voting power at the United Nations, and Global influence.

I gained more understanding of what’s been going on and how the news does not explain everything. What amazes me is how China is gaining political influence around the world.

China has built infrastructure in the poorest regions in Africa. They have Built InterContinental train station that connects countries in Africa. And they have also had built dams in African Countries like; Zambia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Republic of Congo, Ghana, Gabon, Cameroon.

Although some African countries are unlikely to pay back the volume of loans they get from China, China knows with enough votes is can sway any UN policies.  It would be a huge help if they get African countries on its side.

I believe China is trying to win the respect of the people they help. With Respect comes power, with power and influence combined comes allies and more dominance.

Since I am a Criminal Justice major this can connect to global politics & any other global entity that deals with laws and the rule of law, including in relation to the UN Charter. Politics in the most part has to deal with the rule of law so, in many ways this can relate to my major.

As a Criminal Justice major this will keep my focus on what China is currently doing and how they are influencing global Politics in their favor, and international laws and regulations.

This whole experience made a significant impact on my psyche. Knowing that any news agency is a propaganda agency makes me look at the American News agency in a different light.  I do not believe in everything I hear. But, after this event I did some research and I found multiple articles on how china has rebuilt parts of Africa that have been affected by the history of Colonialism. What strikes me is how the west and the elite who control the narrative do not like to be challenged by another rising power.

It’s sad because these people who have power to make a differences in the world do nothing and others who see those in a position of power do nothing will fill in the gap and take the opportunity to help and fix the problem.  However; if those who fill in the gap and fix and improve the narratives obtain power, they use propaganda and spread lies or what we call fake news nowadays.

This has impacted me because now I know not to trust any news agency.  This whole experience makes me be more careful of what I read and any information I gain. Since I am into law & the rule of law, I will keep myself in check on what I learn and what I observed.

However; it was good knowing additional information’s from the event. I question the event Courtney Fung has set up with her agency. Is this event set up to make China look good on an international stage or is the purpose of this event to show actually progress and legit information of what China has been doing in the past decades on Rebuilding Countries devastated by colonialism? Courtney Fung is a Professor at Hong Kong University. Should this raise suspicion? But, this event was actually good; I’ve gained additional understanding and will go to more events like this one. But, I question if Courtney Fung has bias like other agencies in United States of America!

Seton Hall University Reflection Paper RELS1503 Professor: John Laracy Student: Steadman Blake Date: 09/18/2019

The main goal of this essay is to briefly discuss my Catholic faith and the meaning behind the Catholics belief and tradition. I’ve learned from class, that Temperance likewise shapes the individual point of view and give them the goods to make the wisest decision. But preferably in the question what kind of good should I become! It has more to do with character and the ideas of what it is to be human, than with the rights and wrongs of activities.

As for me, nothing came easy. Coming from nothing and working my way up the social ladder of society. Life has been hard, coming from the bottom, and working my way up to the top, is an exhausting task.

With my determination to follow a righteous path to success, I find myself working for two organizations the United Nations Association Southern New York Division (UNA-SNY) and Public-Private Alliance Foundation(PPAF). Their goals are to lift people out of poverty and helping them see a hopeful and prosperous future for themselves and their families.

The of UNA-SNY is committed to building a solid system of worldwide citizens in support of the United Nations. It strives to inform, mobilize and assemble individuals from the communities to connect with basic worldwide issues vital to the work and mission of the United Nations. It incorporates the New York, Brooklyn, Queens. Nassau, Hudson Valley, and Westchester UNA Chapters. The objective of the division is to cultivate dialogue and awareness.

PPAF goals are to support inventive sun powered solar cookers and biogas classes and specialized help at the University of de Notre Dame Haiti. What’s more, PPAF works with the Haiti women and children. PPAF seek to stem the destitution of respiratory disease, along with stopping deforestation. it also helps individuals of Haiti build partnerships to help families.

My Catholic faith, Traditional & Belief would be: The concept of Righteousness, which comes with obedience to God and love our neighbor as ourselves. For Dignity, The Catholic Church announces that human life is consecrated and that the pride of the human individual is the establishment and the foundation of all the principles. About Work & hardship & Solidarity, at the center of the temperance of solidarity is the quest for equity and harmony.

Catholic teaching is that each individual is created in the images of God and reclaimed by Jesus Christ, and the expression of God, the words of God’s rules of Peace and Justice, and Life and Dignity.

In my work for UNA, I have learned about Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are the goals in which I choose to follow because they aligns with my Catholic faith and along with the Ten Commandments and the obligation of doing the right thing.

The work I’ve done is on the Child Migrant crisis at the United States and Mexico Border.

l researched the numerous children that have been moved across the New York state area. I‘ve called facilities that housed the migrant children.

There were 557 migrant children in the New York State facilities homes. I had also called the status of children moved to the New York area as a result of the harsh policies of family separation at the US. southern border of the United States. I wrote down reports on my finding, and I submitted it, to my supervisor.

Although I may not be a journalist. I can say I did whatever I can for the right cause for the suffering of children and women and a few young men who are stuck at the US Mexico border.

For PPAF, since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010. PPAF got involved in helping the people that were tragically affected. PPAF introduced Solar-Cooking to the Haitian population in several places, and was able to open a course for several students who want to advance their education in Biodigester and Solar Cooking. It also has provided help for young women & girls.

My work is to edit photos and video editing and video creation. The main objective is to make the PPAF look good so that it stands out along with the UN goals of prosperity and progress.

My main objective in life is to eventually have a family; my own family. My true desire is to the values and righteousness of choosing one path and one faith and Catholic tradition and belief. The obligations I have is a perfect balance of righteous & happiness to God, our father. That is what keeps me going & the faith of Humanity. 

Extinction Rebellion at Verso Books in Brooklyn (Recap)

I attended an event hosted by Extinction Rebellion at Verso Books in Brooklyn on October 06, 2019. This is an international movement that uses a non-violent approach and civil disobedience in the attempt to halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse in our modern society. The purpose of that organization is to understand the current problem in our society and understanding the reason for changing our society that would benefit all and not a few. The way they operate is significant to our study of criminal justice because it brings awareness to the use of civil disobedience to expose and try to counter the levels of corruption in our country and the massive greed that takes places to destroy our environment and the way of life.

Extinction Rebellion speaks about the issues of climate change, and how it has negatively impacted our environment. Species, ranging from plants and animals, including insects, are dying off at a fast pace. Extinction Rebellion focuses on why this event is happening, and how to resolve it.   Extinction Rebellion aims to use the latest science to describe the facts.

 Extinction Rebellion aims for political change. They explain politics and how it connects to environmental challenges. And how to bring awareness to the world to stop these negative changes to our planet.

Their main point is that the planet is in an ecological disaster: we stand in the center of the sixth mass extinction crisis this planet has endured. Scientists believe we may have started a period of unexpected environment collapse. This is a crisis!

In the lecture, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion spoke on the latest climate science on where our planet continues heading. They explained some of the current psychology throughout climate shift and suggest resolutions for the subject of educational progress.

They are striving to try to strengthen our resilience as various failures take place. They are based in the United Kingdom.  Their main areas of concern and action are: 

  • A functioning democracy, where citizens have real means in choice making. This would involve the devolution of government to the level closest to citizens and populations, to promote resolution-making regionally, nationwide, and globally.
  • Economies aimed to maximize prosperity to all its citizens and lessen infliction to various others, our fellow animals and humans alike, and our Earth. They stated; that they need strategies and rules that accomplish more comprehensive equality, compressed consumption, zero-carbon discharges, confined production, and zero excess.
  • Planning a regenerative civilization and culture. 

Their purpose is to shape and create civilization and culture that fit the next generations.

They argue that the transformation needed is tremendous and yet obtainable.

They have a commitment to oppose this current system, which damages the life of our planet and is profoundly unfair. Some will initiate unrestricted businesses that risk arrest and imprisonment. They believe  that such  civil disobedience violation and immediate response are vital to change. They also practice defense training to the degree that it provides for actions to be prepared without remaining intercepted before they are performed. However, civil disobedience and immediate responses are sufficient in the public arena,  most organizers affirm the chances they are exerting, and have resulted in a necessity narrative. 

The speakers are dedicated to campaigning for the right to life, and for the inevitable growth of our grandchildren and our planet. Also, acknowledge that in order to shape the world, they must improve the way they believe concerning and form bonds with those work and ally individually with. The system is currently characterized by various bureaucracies of society, status, gender, desire. For those depressed these hierarchies, the principal of the society aren’t a secure space. To designing more cherished spaces, we oblige to act actively to continuously create understandings of how these hierarchies work so that they can dispute them and build composition by forming our organization against them. Accordingly, for our campaign to be safe for everybody, it needs to be preserved for the countless marginalized.  

These aspects of their organization were stated to be important:

  •  Media messaging involves concerns and voices that are normally overlooked.
  • Approach-ability is crucial, both during rallies and activities.
  • They understand that difficult functions are socially rooted within their group, and furnished people are urged to commit to examining their privilege and to be sensitive to being tested.
  • They refresh those who operate conditions of obligation so such power does not ingest to get entrenched.
  • They secure the anti-oppressive method into their group training bodies.
  • The policy is concentrated on arranging the practice it takes to shape good relations with the grassroots movements of the individuals who comprise most marginalized.

They also stated; accusing and shaming will not help the organization in the lengthy run. But, a particular campaign may endeavor to highlight the damaging role performed by a company, including people laboring such business; the starting position is that they live in a broken system that has corrupted everybody. 

They also acknowledge that they can’t look towards the government to solve society’s problems. It directs to concentrate dynamism and resources in the hands of a highly privileged some and frequently does not possess the interests of the most utmost individuals and the common world. They recognize that they’re an obligation to individuals organize to meet their personal needs, which in every circumstance of Extinction Rebellion implies that they are operating to balance power and law by disrupting the common support of strength that dictates rules. In so achieving, their plans are to generate way to support people need, such as democratic structures that guarantee everybody has an opinion and importance, learning that occurs without the prejudice of the affluent wealthy individuals and robust, average healthcare systems, social care, housing, education, clean energy generation, and protections in law to prevent genocide.

 They stated; Global warming is affecting the thermal extension of ocean and landmass. It additionally creates glacier layers to dissolve in cold regions of the planet and mountain summits.

Massive amounts of dissolved glacier suddenly trickle down into oceans, streams, rivers, creeks. The consequence is increasing oceans which cause surges of floods and heavy damage to cities and ports.

Drastic shifts in temperature make individuals undergo breathing complications, body redness, headaches, and other illnesses.

 Climate shifts and changes the natural environments and lives of numerous and diverse animal species and plants’ life. For instance, the endurance of penguins and polar bears in icy areas remains in jeopardy, as all cannot endure anywhere else.

Other animal species and plants in hot areas will disappear if temperatures abruptly display excessive cold regions.

  People heating and using natural gas, fuel, coal, and oils for production and transport, following the Industrial Revolution has designed and released massive carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the environment.

.Speakers emphasized that biodiversity is in an emergency around our planet. This catastrophic disaster of our earth’s natural resources endangers our very durability and survival. Biodiversity is not merely wonderful to have; it underpins our entire life by granting us life’s vital from clean air, to food and clean water and to having medicines (plants). There is a spreading recognition amongst people around the world that biodiversity damage needs to be ended once and for all.

 Our Earth is  currently undergoing the most serious of species die-offs since the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years  ago. 

I have learned that Capitalism can sometime not work for the environment especially if the wrong kinds of people get into power. 

  • It has been studied that capitalist expansion exercises an antagonistic impact on our environment and creates serious ecological catastrophes such as climate change, extinction of species and the heating up of the earth, including all sorts of environmental deterioration. Individuals have lost confidence in the current method, and they are deeply troubled regarding the fate of our Planet.

I now understand the knowledge of this event and the experience I’ve gained while attending this event.

I’ve learned:

  • The government doesn’t often tell the truth on the scale of the ecological crisis.
  • The government works with institutions to communicate lies and propaganda.
  • The government needs to create a citizens-assembly to hear to evidence and good policy to tackle the climate issues.
  • The government needs to halt an institution that harms the environments.
  • The government needs to halt greed at the corporate levels.
  • There need to be solutions to help our planet.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Extinction Rebellion. However, I  learned a lot in 2 hours about our environment, ecosystem and the balance that it plays out for every species.

Since this event, I have been carefully watching the news. And I have heard repeatedly news anchors speaking of Extinction Rebellion. They seem to be very controversial. But they are very recognizable.

I am very interested in what they plan on doing in the near future. Although that I will not get involved in their protest.. But I will indeed see their activities and see their accomplishments and achievements. They all widely recognized on a global scale; especially in the west. But I do believe that their influence can play a huge impact on Western society and culture and Country.

I will to be sure to keep track on extinction rebellion and activities they are a part of!  I am inspired by their achievements and their accomplishments. I will stay tuned to Extinction Rebellion activities in England, America and elsewhere Across the Western countries. As I had to read articles about them, and as I have gone out to the special event hosted by Extinction Rebellion, I have learned a lot about what they stand for and what they do. I do believe that they will be successful and the goals they have set out.  I like Extinction Rebellion a lot; I like them because of what they represent. Equality for all and helping others to strive and saving the planet, and saving species  that are dying out. I do believe as long as they keep their head up, they will succeed.

I will keep track of these current issues that pledge us today as a society. This is beneficial to my major, because it speaks of the current problems that need to be address.

I have learned a lot of important information that is crucial to my thinking of our environment and institutions. I’ve gain additional skill in understanding what we as a nation are facing.

As I continue my Criminal Justice Major, I realize there is a lot at stake. I will not be the only student learning about these current issues. And I will not be the last. This has impacted me a lot. However; I still have no interest in going into environmental law due to how corrupted it is. I have learned how corrupted our institution our and how it could be nearly impossible to tackle down a billion or trillion dollar cooperation’s.  I am going to have to see what will be the next stop in challenging the government that’s in the pockets of billion dollars cooperation’s. But this has affected me greatly and my understanding of what’s been going on lately.


On October 15, 2019 in Manhattan, NY, at Sixth Floor Loft, I attended an Event on Human Trafficking in our Modern Society, organized by STOP THE TRAFFIK and hosted by its CEO, Ruth Dearnley. The title of this Event was “Human Trafficking: How YOU Can Help End Modern Slavery.”  It was discussed that Dealers or traffickers use banks for their income and transports to move their unfortunate victims around; lodgings are indispensable to some sex dealers, while internet-based life is an enrollment trawling ground for other people. The subtleties matter. The more we think about the marketable strategies of human trafficking, the better we can counteract and stop the wrongdoing and help survivors get out of that predicament. The intent of meeting would be to realize how those bits of knowledge can be utilized for  organizing and resolving ways to end human trafficking at all cost.

The discussion would focus on information on sex trafficking and how it ties to our financial businesses and social media.    It would also discuss the progress that the financial industry is making to analyze suspicious money laundering of sex trafficking workers around the world. And it is putting an end to such disgusting human activities that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

Speakers at the event said that the web has significantly reshaped how we purchase and sell everything, including one another. Dealers present themselves online as “sweethearts” or extend phony employment opportunities to lure ladies and young women into business sex, and after that, publicize them via web-based networking media. Administrators of travel groups reveal how much cash they are making to lure exploited people to their positions. Remote, intuitive sexual acts – otherwise known as webcams – rely upon online networking. Potential dealers control their exploited people’s entrance to web-based life, imitate the person in question, or spread lies and bits of gossip about them via web-based networking media. Internet is also how many survivors keep in contact with their friends and family, connect for assistance, and assemble a network that encourages them to mend.

Banks and financial industries have refined their systems to recognizing potential human trafficking through:   Stores, Housekeeping, Spas, Massage Parlors, Modeling Agencies,  Sex Tourism,  Commercial sex,  Advertising on social media.

This generally can be tracked by moving cash on the web & social media platforms. This is basic as most dealers will use real monetary foundations in an assortment of ways, including utilizing prepaid charge cards, making ledgers in for exploited people or organizations, urging unfortunate victims to move cash utilizing cash settlement administrations to pay for enlistment fees.  

Health consequence results can be severe:   Misery to broken bones, environmental wounds, Exhaustion from being compelled to work in inhumane conditions, Preexisting health conditions, including substance use and disabilities.

These problems can likewise make individuals powerless against a dealer’s compulsion.

However, progressively, human services experts are figuring out how to search for indications of dealing and to treat potential exploited people with the regard they merit, yet numerous unfortunate casualties and survivors recall feeling judged or oppressed when they looked for treatment.

While the term trafficking triggers a relationship with transportation, the wrongdoing doesn’t necessarily require travel.  However, similar to any business, the human transaction relies upon transportation systems to work. Transport and train stations can be enrollment hotspots for destitute youth looking for safe houses. Taxicabs, ride-sharing administrations, rental vehicles, are generally crucial to running escort administrations, while outside specialists with transitory U.S. work visas are frequently falsely made to pay for plane tickets.

 A well-planned operation uses several sorts of sex and work trafficking, for example, unlawful massage parlors, saloons, and private whorehouses, and each have their particular methods for overseeing and laundering cash. Work plans of action can depend on all segments of the money business, from business credits to finance systems. Sex traffickers likewise utilize financial maltreatment against unfortunate victims, making it tricky for exploited people to leave.

Numerous inns or hotel networks have perceived this and ventured to guarantee cutting-edge technologies.  Software are all around prepared in distinguishing potential indications of human trafficking. Inns and motels are scenes for work dealing, frequently housekeeping staff that have been selected by and may work for an outside agency. In these cases it is possible that multiple chains of victims could be present in these agencies.

Also, Human Traffickers use authentic business systems inside various corporations or any company to make benefits. This includes traffickers who use banks to store their profit and transports to move their unfortunate victims around, to the places that are essential to the activities of some sex traffickers and the online that are crucial enrollment apparatuses.  These  features show the way industries can make fundamental shifts to their frameworks to counteract, distinguish, and disrupt human trafficking.

The skills I had obtained is the understanding on how sex trafficking operates and how vile people are using the social media to commit illegal acts against humanity. I’ve heard of such problems in Asia. However; I did not know how advanced the criminal network is.

I’ve gained Experience and understanding, knowing that there are people out there that are combating against such vile people in our society.  Knowing the subject through the moderator help me understand the current situation of tackling sex trafficking and putting a stop to such shameful acts. Getting involved is crucial to helping victims exposing despicable people is necessary to combat sex traffickers.  

I learned how the financial Market is combating against sex trafficking and how the FBI and Wall Street or any financial institution such as Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, or others can track suspicious money transfers that would be out of the ordinary. 

Although the financial market around the world is getting into combating sex trafficking, I find it odd that this wasn’t done years ago. To me, I feel that this is common sense that any person who wants to do any illegal activities would technically go through the financial means to pay for their illicit desire. 

I am just glad that there are people out there that are trying to put an end to sex trafficking. And others talked about the current problems that we as a society are facing. And I’m pleased that I was a part of this event. And able to see the progress in combating sex trafficking.

I am also surprised that the financial market also plays a massive part in combating sex trafficking. And it can track suspicious amounts of money being transferred globally.  I am also delighted to see the ability that the financial markets and the FBI are working towards tracking suspicious money activity to identify that the money was for the sex traffickers.

Since I went to this event on combating against Human Trafficking I’ve gained incredible insight on how despicable people operating by using social media and other means to their advantage.  I am happy that I want to this event. I have gained more knowledges and perspective from the event set up by “STOP THE TRAFFIK.”

I will do my research to get more information to gather further an understanding of how those vile people operate to sell and traffic other people. As a Criminal Justice major, this is crucial to my knowledge and vital to my work.

Gaining more understanding of what’s going on criminally is crucial to my career and understanding my major.  The Criminal Justice setting is vital to my career path and understanding what kinds of people are out there. I find this event very interesting. I learn something new every day. 

This was a great preparation for me.  Understanding sex traffic victim’s needs and rights is very crucial to me. This event has taught me to open my eyes to identify who could be a victim of sex trafficking. I have developed an understanding on how to combat sex trafficking and to be aware of my surroundings when I see something suspicious. I have learned a great deal as I attended this event. I am happy and proud I went.