Over one hundred children who will become an adult in a few years are realizing transitioning into a transgender was a mistake.  Mutilating your body and using the hormone to change their sex was a huge mistake. 

This now brings us to this unnamed 21-year-old girl (Name-Given-To-Protect-her-Identity)-Charlie Evans-(born as a boy) from London and now 21 years old. This 21-year-old girl is currently in the process of detranistioning back into a boy.

This 21-year-old girl started detransitioning at a tender age of 20. This 21 years old spoken to many therapists and psychologists when she was a child on her feeling of being born as a girl but in a boy’s body. Now, she/he regrets the misfortune.

However, there are at least over 2 thousand cases reported in and around England and the United States of America.

Formal investigations of detransition have been very few reports on it because of how controversial it is. It was estimated for detransition undergoing change is enormous, with striking contrasts in terminology and methodology. Detransition is increasingly regularly in the prior phases of change, especially before medical procedures. The quantity of detransitioners is obscure; however, one investigation proposes it is developing.

A specialist found that around 0.4% of patients who experienced sexual change-related medical procedures later mentioned detransition-related careful consideration.

The 2015 U.S. Transgender Overview found that 8% of respondents who had progressed announced having ever detransitioned, and 62% of that group had later come back to living in a transgender role.

In 2003 German examination discovered proof for an expansion in the quantity of requests for detransition, accusing poor practice of “Rigorously but unquestionably not problematic” however contrary to global practices to suppose that transitioning as swiftly as feasible should be the only exact pursue of measure. However; There are multiple reported that the demand for the surgical reversal of the physical outcome of medical transition has been on the rise in the United States and England.

Detransitioners have frequently referred to injury, separation, dissociation, insufficient mental medicinal services, and social pressure as motivations for seeking/pursuing after the transition.

Informed consent and attestation regarding self-analysis (both more up to date and progressively utilized models for transgender therapeutic services) have been reprimand for neglecting to address the issues of the individuals who inevitably detransition.

Among possible detransitioners, the progression of transition has been found to amplify, as opposed to cure, sexual orientation dysphoria.

Sufferers may focus on transitioning into their original gender(Gender they were born with). This has made detransitioners to strive for a further restorative transition.

Motives for the processes in detransitioning ordinarily include financial barriers to transition, social dismissal or rejection in detransition, sadness or suicidal because an individual wants to transition back to their original gender they were born with, and distress with sexual developed created during progress.

The main reason why there are few data and fewer reports on these Detransitioners are because it does not fit the liberal’s media agenda. If anyone try to spoke about any of these issues there will be a push back! Popular opinions will turn against anyone who is Detransitioners. Even if people like myself want to bring attention to this tragic problem, there will be opposition. However, many detransitioners stated; they have been harassed by activists who view detransitioner as a political risk and a threat to Tran’s rights.

Ironically this is where we are as a society today. 

Cenayia Edwards

A 14-year-old from North Carolina high school student put her analytical aptitudes to test. But, the scrutiny when she was made aware of a white supremacist group among her classmates. 

Cenayia Edwards told ABC news, she needed to have evidence that they were discussing hateful thoughts towards people of color.” One of her white companions at East Wake High School in Wendell, North Carolina, informed her concerning a racist group of students that made a private chat on a device(something like WhatApps), and the string had taken a monstrous, bigot turn, as according ABC news. Before joining the chat group, Cenayia changed her avatar to a white face to get entrance. What she read was stunning and vile. Messages like “Pullin triggers and shooting niggas,” and “Murder nigger babies” were included. The hashtag “#bringslaveryback” was utilized, and one individual in the group spoke about whether they ought to have the screen name “Nigga-slayer.” 

When Cenayia at long last called them out for their Bigotry for their white supremacist remarks, the answer from somebody in the groupchat  remarked was an cartoon meme of a white penguin with a weapon saying, “Shut up nigger.”

There are 1,415 students enlisted at East Wake school. Minority enlistment represents 69 percent, with Black Students making up most of that rate, which is higher than the North Carolina state normal by 51 percent, according to the school’s reports. “It’s sickening,” Cenayia’s mother, Ms Edwards, revealed to ABC news. She is a veteran in the US Military, and she  representative and frequently works at her daughter’s high school. 

“It made her feel awkward in light of the fact that she don’t know what her little girl’s facing,” Cenayia’s mother included with her worry about her Cenayia’s safety. “Because we’re getting instant messages from her being vexed while she ought to contemplate in her Distinctions English class about racist students snickering on the grounds that they think utilizing these words or saying that they’re ‘going to execute Dark skin children’s.’  Still, Cenayia has her parent’s full support.” She is going to enable her little girl to be heard,” Cenayia’s father, said. “My little girl won’t be quiet.” . 

“We should hear something back by Tuesday this week,” Mr. Edwards said. “The Principle is investigating this matter” a WCPSS representative revealed to ABC news that they want to know about ever announcement after this incident was brought to  light. However;  Cenayia’s father hadn’t heard back from the school principal.

 “It creates the impression that the vast majority of the students are from Johnston Province, which means the  investigation is increasingly perplexing,” the representative stated. Johnston District Schools’ demographics different from East Wake Secondary School, with 76 percent white and 17 percent Black.   “We know and are investigating the issue,” a representative from Johnston Schools disclosed to ABC news. “

 “We should pay attention to this provided that this occurred among one popular group in their school.”

Meanwhile, Cenayia chose to utilize her English class to explain and to address the other students on white supremacist problems and the injury it caused her and others.  Cenayia will lecture the class on her rendition of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and why it important today. And will continue her fight against White Supremacy and the evil it brings to our society and state of being. 

Extinction Rebellion(And what about it)

Sunday 06, 2019

Extinction Rebellion

The planet is in an ecological disaster: we stand in the center of the sixth mass extinction crisis this planet has endured. Scientists believe we may have started a period of unexpected environment collapse. This is a crisis!

In the lecture, climate speakers from Extinction Rebellion will have the latest climate science on where our planet continues heading. This Explains some of the current psychology throughout climate shift and suggests resolutions for the subject of educational progress.

They acknowledge that their situation may be less about “saving the earth” and further striving to try to strengthen our resilience as various failures take place. They are based in the United Kingdom and they love this element of the world genuinely. However; they are focused on vital to improving here towards:

  • A functioning democracy, where citizens have real means in choice making. This would involve the devolution of government to the level closest to citizens and populations, with compositions to promote resolution-making regionally, nationwide, and globally, are relevant.
  • Economics composed to maximize prosperity to all its citizens and lessen infliction to various other, our fellow animals and humans alike, and our Earth. They stated; that they need strategies and rules that accomplish more comprehensive equality, compressed consumption, zero-carbon discharges,  confined production, and zero excess.
  • Planning a regenerative civilization and culture. 

They can focus on signs of this virulent system, yet they also take moments to influence that entire policy change is required. Also, focus on the dependencies that keep the  modern neo-liberal practice in place:

  • A debt and concern-based deregulated the banking sector.
  • A bogus and eroding democracies.
  • A media captivated the attention of exploitative well-off peoples and businesses.

Their purpose is to shape and created civilization and culture that fits the next generations.

Their mission is to generate a society that implements for the next seven generations to prevail in. Their courage to tell us a diverse society is desirable. Their illusion of innovation is enough cultivated that it can accommodate a diversity of beliefs on how thoroughly to operate towards such reform.

They have Assembling 3.4% of the community to accomplish system change applying approaches to accomplish this.

The transformation needed is tremendous and yet obtainable. No government in the 20th era endured confronting facing a revolution, which must be effective in assisting with about 3.4% regarding society. However; in the United Kingdom, that would indicate enlisting around 3 million people in order to manage to accelerated the changes in wealth concentration and power arrangements, limiting a rich aristocracy from preserving a self-serving doctrine.

They also stated a regenerative human culture is firm, flexible, and versatile; it regards our Earth, and it worries for the life in the recognition that this is the most powerful way to build a flourishing destiny toward all of humankind. Making small moves to restore and develop, on each level, including communities, individuals, our air, soil, and water. Further obtaining a chain of activists, they explore to discover methods of implying and doing that support concrete development. This can accommodate rituals and devotions as compositions to find the motivation for everything more meaningful than ourselves. They additionally reconnect with our appreciation for ourselves, our nation, also our people beside more general next-door-neighbor; people, and the natural life. 

 They ought to the commitment to oppose this current system, which damages the life of our planet and is profoundly unfair. Some of us will initiate unrestricted businesses that risk arrest and imprisonment. Proof implies that such state civil violation and immediate response are vital to change. It isn’t important or expected that everybody does this, there are valid purposes not to. Importantly, our Extinction Rebellion culture should encourage those regarding us to prepared to put individuals on the line in this means there are also several support tasks that are valuable and they oblige to allow at least 3% of the people to strive actively. They also practice defense training to the degree that it provides for actions to be prepared without remaining intercepted before they are performed. However, our civil disobedience and immediate responses are sufficient in the public arena,  most organizers affirm the chances they are exerting, and have resulted in a necessity narrative. 

 They understand and applaud those prepared to exert stresses to fight for the conditions of our environment and social justice, inside other perspectives. For clarity, and for the protection of these organizations in the Extinction Rebellion, it is imperative they are obvious that every step taken is in the hero of the Extinction Rebellion. 

They Ensuing a cycle of progress, learning, reflection and preparing for more exceeding practice and learning from other tendencies and meanings, as great as our own skills.

They additionally don’t know how everything will develop, so they are ready to rehearse and master from what they do. Through continuous observation and knowledge about what must accomplish elsewhere and will promote what they do and not get stuck in monotonous behavior. Here is an effective and continuing method, demanding time and information for people and organizations to consider what has worked well and why whichever would be more desirable to be done otherwise.

As a step, they are dedicated to campaigning for the right to life, and for the inevitable growth of our grandchildren and our planet. Also, acknowledge that in order to shape the world, they must improve the way they believe concerning and form bonds with those work and ally individually with. The system is currently characterized by various bureaucracies of society, status, gender, desire. For those depressed these hierarchies, the principal of the society isn’t a secure space. To designing more cherished spaces, we oblige to act actively to continuously create understandings of how these hierarchies work so that they can dispute them and build composition by forming our organization against them. Accordingly, for our campaign to be safe for everybody, it needs to be preserved for the countless marginalized.

This policy covers an engagement in shaping a safer place to promote inclusivity. It is our intention that each person is embraced in dispute of their ethnicity, nationality, status, citizenship, passion, generation, revenue, talent, cultivation, color, creed or non-belief, and activist involvement. Each individual in the movement is accountable for organizing and keeping safe, humane, and greeting places. New people to the movement require to be explicitly embraced. A manageable starting period is an adherence to certain core beliefs. 

Physical brutality or the motive of disorder towards others is not allowed. Biased and Prejudice behavior, expression, or action that displays ethnic domination, prejudice around age, antisemitism, sexism, islamophobia, class bigotry, homophobia, ableism, and any additional forms of abuse including offensive gesture towards others, either throughout an action or abroad, is not allowed in their group.

They additionally understand that they are complex individuals and display countless different elements of themselves at diverse backgrounds and in different situations. 

 The spot on which this material stand is on the bonds among its participants. Others have operated each day to establish confidence, honor, and reciprocity amongst all in there group. They allow all segments of people in the group to have great purposes and will respond against rudeness. Also, dispute resolution methods to deal with disagreement in a normal way that will lead to growth in our journey. These ground there serves in dialogue, healing, group conversion, and fairness. They won’t endure shaming of any other in every form. This asks the people in their agency to be trustworthy and honest with individuals and all others; each holds biases and preferences, and these need be noticed rather than continued upon negatively. It is everybody in this group that is responsible to break unfavorable attitudes and practices.  

In practical terms this means:

  • Weight organizing functions towards marginalized gatherings.
  • There media messaging involves concerns and voices that are normally overlooked. However, they are careful about not attempting to declaim someone.
  • Approach-ability is crucial, both during rallies and activities.
  • They understand that difficult functions are socially rooted within their group, and furnished people are urged to commit to examining their privilege and to be sensitive to being tested.
  • They refresh those who operate conditions of obligation so such power does not ingest to get entrenched.
  • They secure the anti-oppressive method into their group training bodies.
  • The policy is concentrated on arranging the practice it takes to shape good relations with the grassroots movements of the individuals who comprise most marginalized.

They also stated; accusing and shaming will not help the organization in the lengthy run. But, a particular campaign may endeavor to highlight the damaging role performed by a company, including people laboring such business, the starting position is that they live in a broken system that has corrupted everybody. 

They also acknowledge that they can’t look towards the government to solve society’s problems. It directs to concentrate dynamism and resources in the hands of a highly privileged some and frequently does not possess the interests of the most utmost individuals and the common world. They recognize that they’re an obligation to individuals organize to meet their personal needs, which in every circumstance of Extinction Rebellion implies that they are operating to balance power and law by disrupting the common support of strength that dictates rules. In so achieving, their plans are to generate way to support people need, such as democratic structures that guarantee everybody has an opinion and importance, learning that occurs without the prejudice of the affluent wealthy individuals and robust, average healthcare systems, social care, housing, education, clean energy generation, and protections in law to prevent genocide.

Each person or organization can create autonomously throughout the concerns that feel most pushing for them including taking performance in the name and quality of the Extinction Rebellionso long as the representation fits within the Extinction Rebellion’s policies and conditions. In this way, the law is decentralized, suggesting that there is no shortage to ask for consent from a central society or authority. They also promote the ideas of “holocracy” over agreement:

  • That it may be granted an organization for one or a couple more people to a particular specific task for the organization. Those individuals are then thoroughly empowered to do the role.
  • They are the most beneficial way to seek guidance and feedback, but they don’t require anyone’s approval to accomplish the task. 
  • They are thoroughly accountable for consequences and should consider them and how to develop them in the future. If anything goes incorrect, they should accommodate to clean up.

 They stated; Global warming is affecting the thermal extension of ocean and landmass. It additionally creates glacier layers to dissolve in cold regions of the planet and mountain summits.

Massive amounts of dissolved glacier suddenly trickle down into oceans, streams, rivers, creeks. The consequence is increasing oceans which cause surges of floods and heavy damage to cities and ports.

Drastic shifts in temperature make individuals undergo breathing complications, body redness, headaches, and other illnesses.

 Climate shifts and changes the natural environments and lives of numerous and diverse animal species and plants’ life. For instance, the endurance of penguins and polar bears in icy areas remains in jeopardy, as all cannot endure anywhere else.

Other animal species and plants in hot areas will disappear if temperatures abruptly display excessive cold regions.

The equal amount of liquid in the ocean sequence will not be affected, yet its timing, consistency and volumes, and population will be impacted. Mid- latitudes and temperate subtropical areas may endure a loss in reservoir issues, while high latitudes and wet areas may become elevated ocean tide. 

 There may be streamflow in various other countries, because of diminished snowbank and glacier. The availability of pure stream may be altered too; for example, the variety of ponds used for water supply could be undermined by the appearance of algae generating toxins.  

Increasing trends in earth temperatures have been seen following examining data for the past country. Experts are knowledgeable that the variation in temperatures throughout the world is broadly apart, only after taking testings at particular places over a prolonged period of time, it is noted that there are more areas heating up than freezing down.  People heating and using natural gas, fuel, coal, and oils for production and transport, following the Industrial Revolution has designed and released massive carbon dioxide and different greenhouse gases into the environment.

Icecaps are large quantities of ice that have lingered long enough to strengthen into chunks of the iceberg. More petite pieces of blocks of ice could be the measurement to be the sizes of a football stadium, and also vital once could be hundreds of kilometers deep and long. Icecaps can flow like rivers too. On ordinary, icebergs are depleting ice at a speed of approximately 26 inches of liquid per year. They explained that despite only a small portion of icecaps have remained observed since 1980, the aim is that we need to bring awareness to others around the world.

However; biodiversity is in an emergency around our planet. This catastrophic disaster of our earth’s natural resources endangers our very durability and survival. Biodiversity is not merely wonderful to have; it underpins our entire life by granting us life’s vital from clean air, to food and clean water and to having medicines(plants). There is a spreading recognition amongst people around the world that biodiversity damage needs to be ended once and for all.

  They stated; biodiversity noticed that 92% of individuals believe that stopping biodiversity loss is significant because we all have a duty to look afterlife on this planet. However, the evidence leads to a ceaseless descending spiral.  

 Our Earth is instantly going through its sixth mass abolition of flowers, plants, and animal species the sixth flow of extinctions in the past half-billion years. We’re currently undergoing the most serious of species die-offs since the extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million ages ago. 

   Although extinction is a natural aspect, it transpires at a natural environmental scale of roughly one to six variety of species per age.  Extinction Rebellion estimation we’re immediately losing species up to 1,150 faster than before, with dozens heading towards extinction every day.  With as numerous as 20 to 77 percent of all Animals and other species including plants possibly going near extinction by the middle of the 21 century.    

Animals diversity guarantees our ecosystem resilience, providing ecological habitats. Hence while conservationists usually justifiably converge their efforts on species-rich ecosystems like Jungles, coral reefs, and rainforests, which have a portion to fail, a general policy for conserving biodiversity necessity also include environmental standards with some species, like meadows, tundra, and glacial seas for which any damage could remain irreversibly overwhelming. Furthermore, while important matter over extinction focuses on global dropped of species, a large number of  biodiversity’s benefits take set at a regional level, and maintaining local groups is the exclusive way to guarantee biogenetic diversity important for a species’ long-term endurance.  

Lastly they mentioned Nature and capitalism;  Nature and capitalism are pair opposite entities, moreover, people have forever been in resistance to each other in the progress of capitalism and the harm it does to society. Falsely crediting capitalism development, for helping the environment. Its was discusses that Ecology Facing Capitalism among the cultural importance of Western Culture and civilizations, nature has been overlooked by individuals, and it endures only to provide their needs. 

  This presents aid to the individuals and companies to the exploitation of nature since people are the protagonists of life on earth. Creation is a gift of God, and people can place it to full control. This theological defense of human’s command of nature exposes more than centuries of exploitation of fundamental natural resources, primarily with the appearance of the Industrial Revolution. There implied a general belief that nature holds no meaning additional than the methods to which it can stay put by human industry.

 However; The well-being of our ecosystem has remained on the decay, and there appears an expanding amount of eco-friendly disasters in various sections of the earth, for example, environment change, planetary warming, water misuse, and decline of biodiversity. Numerous fragments of civilization or to blame for these disasters to the unrestrained capitalist expansion, and they accuse that capitalists utilize earth mercilessly, and this ultimately causes a plenitude of eco-friendly failures. Owing to the issue of certain environmental disasters, individuals started to see the fault and negative viewpoints of capitalism, and they try to seek actions to change the capitalist system which is filled with imperfections and obstacles.  

 They stated: capitalism will be the end of a remaining doctrine of civilized antiquity, and no other ideological methods can overcome capitalism. Surely, capitalism can grasp the competitive forces and changes so that it can remain to improve. In the enlightenment of this, the intention to show the trials of capitalism in the aspect of biological failures. Despite certain possible difficulties, the assimilating ability of capitalism sustains its endless growth.   

  The environmental disaster exposes the amount to which the established industrial design has reached its course, yet as ruling aristocracies struggle to gather resources in aid of the corporate growth rhythm over which all control a practice providing growth to excessive substance exploitation, enormous disparities, and the inequalities of capital and power, reckless use of natural sources, militarism, and hostilities not to consider intensifying environment damage on the road to potential biological collapse.   

  It has been studied that capitalist expansion exercises an antagonistic impact on our environment and creates serious ecological catastrophes such as climate change, extinction of species and the heating up of the earth, including all sorts of environmental deterioration. Individuals have lost confidence in the current method, and they are deeply troubled regarding the fate of our Planet.   

However; eco-socialism can be an inherent challenge and exchanged for capitalism. With the issue of the environmental emergency, individuals understand the destructive consequences of the capitalist method, and people prefer to explore viable means or a more desirable standard to succeed in this flawed current order. The eco-socialist arises as a fitting benefit, and some individuals  come to promote this opinion. Many nations have already begun some eco-socialist trials, such as manual improvement and global collaboration to work against capitalism. It shows that capitalism is deliberately taken over and replaced the eco-socialism. However, some dispute that this is just a misunderstanding, while the environmental disaster presents an important function in preserving the progress of capitalism.   The extinction Rebellion also stated; we may be observing is not merely the end of the passing of a critical period in our story of earths history, but then and now of mankind’s ideological progression and the universalization of Western Society and Culture

Friday-22 2019 at the UNA-USA Global Engagement Summit, United Nations Secretary-General

The program of  this event covered many topics.  Among these were   to bring awareness to the refugee crisis and the migrant issue & a call for action against climate change.  Many speakers  spoke about the refugee Crisis and  the United Nations,  including the organizations that are connected to the UNs peacekeeping goals.

There were  several moderators, but the most important moderator was Congressman Eliot Engel. 

According to Elliott Engel, he’s proud to see young people & college students interested in global affairs & hope we stay interested in the goals of the United Nations. 

Elliott Engel spoke about the goals of the United Nations & American interest. Among the  goals of the UN are to support Refugees & people fleeing from war. To understand what’s going on in Syria, we must understand why people are leaving their homelands. Eliot Engel stated, people around the world are  suffering. They’re  not leaving because they want to, they are leaving war-torn environments for their protection and their family and their future. So, if we  understand what’s going on in Syria we will have a better understanding on why people are leaving Syria. 

These were my perspectives going into the event:

1° The United Nations and its peace keeping goals in Syria has helped over a million people who has been displaced in Syria & are not able to leave there was torn Country!

2° The ongoing problem in Rich countries not accepting Refugees is due to right wing extremism going into the political field & gaining grounds in the media & popularity has made a profound impact on global affairs. 
3° poorer countries are likely to support Refugees despite their hardship.

The rise of populism is on the rise globally. Historians have seen this all before. Two famous statements that I remember — “People are trapped in history and history is trapped in them” By James Baldwin also “A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots” by Marcus Garvey.

 I was thinking how harsh the world can be do some people not being well-informed. I blame on the establishments, because the other ones who made things difficult.

 My reasoning would be:  

The Poor Educational system in the US is a ongoing problem and the widening gap between the rich and the poor.  The ongoing problems with discrimination and Hate groups in our country  along with gentrification in cities around the country. And the issues with Generational wealth and the Cycle of poverty.

Also, the rich stay in power and stay in a position of influence. Which bring to light on how the Criminal Justice system favors them when they are guilty of a crime, such as murder.  The broken criminal justice system favors the 1% percent.

Elliott Engel also mentioned a country has the right to protect their boarder due to tourist activities around the world. But, there is a difference between a tourist & someone running away from war & extreme violence.

My reaction was during my experience and after I stated to myself we have a long way to go. We as a nation have a broken criminal justice system that favors the rich and punish the poor. There is a widening gap between the rich and the poor. And I also notice that people who are very wealthy tend to stay in power. So, my statements; the rich either stay in power or they stay in a position of influence which is not democratic. 

My future is Criminal law. Either is international law or the United States constitutional law. I have not decided yet. But when I do I cannot wait to see how this is going to play out. Especially in the next few years. 

This whole experience was very impactful to me. Seeing the crowds at the United Nations assembly and seeing how the turn people off to take up the task and helping those in need and protecting others from extremist or populace group. What knowledge I gained is a fact that this will impact my decision as I Advance my career in criminal and Justice and criminal law.

Reflection Paper On Philosophy Ethic: Sept – 24 -2019 (Seton Hall University)

Ethic reports: September 24​th,​2019

Professor: Gabriel

Student: Steadman Blake

Seton Hall University

In this reflection report, I will discuss what I’ve learned in class so far and how religion plays a part in global affairs.​​I will also explain religious practice along with ethic morals that bind us together and divide us as a people(I will go into depth).​​In the end, I will also discuss the work I do at the United Nations Associations along with their moral codes of ethics and the United Nations Decorations of Universal Human Rights which was founded by multiple religious practice morals and ethics beliefs and I will also discuss why I am a Criminal Justice Major.

  • I will discuss religious practices and ethic morals and how it combines us together and divide us
  • I will discuss what I’ve learned as I read ethics Theory and contemporary issues
  • I will discuss the negatives and positives of religions
  • I will discuss the work I do at the United Nations Association and why I work at the UNA
  • I will discuss why I am a criminal justice major
  • I will discuss my plans for the future

As I read this book on “Ethics, Theory and Contemporary Issue” it speaks of the topic that relates to this world and the issues along with a global ethic on the worldwide construct of humanity and everything we know about our existence. This book is exceptionally extraordinary, and it relates to what I do at my job at the UN and the work that I do which is research and understanding human nature and the ethics of our morals along with our religion that we follow around the world.

A longstanding discussion has been whether morals assumes a place in religion. Most religions have a moral part. A focal part of morals is “the great life,” the existence worth living or life that is fulfilling, which is held by numerous rationalists to could easily compare to conventional ethical codes.

Be that as it may, Religious morals lessons and practices of what is correct or not proper, positive or negative, good or awful, from a religious perspective. A definition supported by the United States Supreme Court is that religions are customs that are in any way similar to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism.

Religion can sometime be damaging to a people and society. Religious differences frequently breed doubt, contempt, and viciousness. In any case, the beliefs additionally advance harmony, advocate for human rights, and offer alleviation to those out of luck. The impacts of religion are no place progressively evident that in the global setting, including the implications it has on globalization. We have to comprehend, and at last shape, the activities of religious disciples to guarantee those religious feelings are more positive than negative in our worldwide occasions. The commitment of religion to worldwide morals and, on the other hand, the significance of worldwide morals for religious practice is the subject of this exposition. To the extent that our

earthly morals imagine the area of moral obligation to incorporate present and future life not constrained by explicit relations or networks, at that point, a few inquiries go to the fore.

For some religious individuals and their religion alongside profound quality and orthodox accept and convention are the equivalents or indivisible; for them either ethical quality is a piece of religion, or their religion is their ethical quality. For other people, particularly for nonreligious individuals, profound quality and morality are unmistakable and distinguishable; religion might be improper or nonmoral, and decent quality may or ought to be nonreligious.

A focal part of morals is “the great life,” the existence worth living or life that is fulfilling, which is held by numerous experts to compare to conventional ethical codes. The ancient Greeks called it eudaimonia or​​perfect happiness. The old Greeks accepted joy was realized by carrying on with one’s life as per uprightness – positive qualities of character. Goodness in the most astounding sense, in a grown-up who has been raised well, won’t merely include great individual propensities, for example, courage and moderation, yet additionally companionship and equity and scholarly prudence. The embodiment of uprightness is in the wholeness of the individual achieved by honesty.

Further, a portion of our most essential reasonable assumptions is straightforwardly associated with a religious belief system. For instance, the vast majority concur that things like homicide and infidelity are never right, paying little respect to conditions. Most real-world religions reverberation these conclusions, and it tends to have contended that the old implicit rules these conventions epitomize are the first wellspring of our social instincts. At the very least, we do appear to see religion as a decent bountiful source of the fundamental right direction, making it incautious to contend that there should be no association among faith and morals.

The Brilliant Principle best represents the connection between religion and ethical quality. Practically the majority of the world’s extraordinary religions contain in their religious messages some form of the Brilliant Principle: “Do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you.” As it were, we should treat others how we would need to be dealt with. This is the essential ethic that aides all religions. On the off chance that we do as such, satisfaction will follow.

However, a positive way to deal with the exchange between antagonistic groups is to look for resemblance. Be that as it may, in issues of religion, that can be a tricky, if not unrealistic, undertaking. Without the way to recognize deceptive and authentic parallels, an exchange can rapidly wander off-track. Some case that religious conventions are gotten from a single primordial source, and that in this way they are on a fundamental level homogeneous in spite of their unmistakable imageries. Others hold that religious conventions are impervious to examination, given their social, etymological, and powerful contrasts. However, others, all the more unobtrusively, recommend that religions are in fundamental understanding about essential moral standards, even​​though they may strife philosophically and mystically

Two feelings encourage for Global Ethic: first, between religious comprehension is a sine qua non for harmony among country states. Religion applies a ground-breaking yet equivocal effect on governmental issues. It can sanctify childishness, or belittle someone, and annoying individuals. However, it likewise contains assets for advancing comprehension and resistance.

Maybe the Global Ethics could be one of the components of the discourse. In any case, that discourse won’t resolve the unpredictable clashes between the West and portions of the world. Be that as it may, if genuine, substantive, and educated, it could dissipate profound established biases. It could illustrate, in some unobtrusive way, to the capacity of religion to an interact with others, not exclusively to isolate.

All of this information I had provided above, it’s just me giving you (The Reader) Global aspects of ethics as we are connected globally despite our issues.​​However, as a Catholic and a Criminal Justice major. All of this information is all connected to the job I do at the United Nations Associations in New York.

In my work for UNA, I have learned about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These are the goals in which I choose to follow because they align with my Catholic faith and along with the Ten Commandments and the obligation of doing the right thing. The work I’ve done is on the Child Migrant crisis in the United States and Mexico Border. I researched the numerous children that have been moved across the New York state area. I‘ve called facilities that housed the migrant children.

There were 557 migrant children in the New York State facilities homes. I had also called the status of children moved to the New York area as a result of the harsh policies of family separation in the US the southern border of the United States.

I wrote down reports on my finding, and I submitted it to my supervisor. Although I may not be a journalist, I can say I did whatever I can for the right cause for the suffering of children and women and a few young men who are stuck at the US Mexico Border.

All of this belief and global moral ethics are aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the UN. As I have been reading this book on Ethics, Theory, and Contemporary Issues. This book allows me to see broader aspects of the world.

As a Criminal Justice major, this is extremely useful. It broadens my mind and my views on how the world can operate morally and ethically. Since I do have plans to go into law school eventually, I do not know whether if I want to go into a law school or an international law school that gets involved in international crimes that involve in unethical and unmoral people. However, this can help me get a grasp on global issues.

My Horrible Experience at Mercy College! Racism, Bias and Prejudice!

This is a report based on my horrible experience dealing with Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice at the Mercy College administration and the people that were involved.

I have no ill-will towards anyone, but I want those who read this to be aware of what the Mercy College administration stands for and their bigotry on every ground they stand. 


Here is my story of what happened to me as I was a student at Mercy College:

As a former student who started Mercy College in the Spring and Fall semester in 2015, and Fall Semester in 2017 and Spring Semester in 2018. I had numerous issues with the Mercy College administration that are very problematic.
So to continue this story, I had this professor in 2015, which was my first year, and my first semester at Mercy College. This problem extended from 2015 to 2018. I have been making this complaint for the past three years as I used to enrolled at Mercy College.

I am an African American male, and I was the only black “male student” in his class. There were two other Black Females in the class. But, All the other students had lighter skin textures and white.

The class name is Policing & Community. I do not remember the class number.

However, this Professor did not accept about 90% of my homework assignment. The professor had never given me a reason why he was not taking any of my homework assignments (I followed the syllabus, which is required). I tried to get answers on why this particular Professor was not accepting any of my homework assignments. He would never respond to me but gives me a blank stare.

As I attended this Professor’s class, I tried putting my homework assignment on his desk. In return, the professor (Christopher Geraghty) would respond to me, stating; “never put anything on his desk again, and no, I will not accept any of your assignments.”

I have seen other students in the same class come in late, they were light skin & white, and this professor accepted their assignment and not mines! I heard numerous times Professor Geraghty had stated; to those students coming in late, “please put your assignments on my desk.” All those students were lighter skin (Hispanic) and downright White (Caucasian).

I tried my best working with this professor. This professor most likely didn’t like my political opinion or my viewpoints on police brutality since this was a Criminal Justice course.

Also, Professor inappropriately marked me absent when I was in class. I shared video evidence with Caroline Goldstein(Pact Office advisor) to show proof of my attendance in this class, which began/started the reporting of this particular professor. Ms. Goldstein has reported this Professor to the proper administration at Mercy College. However, the college did not respond to her allegation on my behalf of this particular professor.

Caroline Goldstein no longer works at Mercy College.

But to continue, I had never come late to this particular Professors class. His course was always the last class of the day. Arriving late to this Professor’s class was nearly impossible since the other two classes I had prior were on the same floor and a couple of doors down.

Furthermore, out of all the students, I was the only one that was mistreated. For those other students who came in 30 minutes, 40 minutes late, he had no problem accepting their homework assignment. There were homework assignments every week, relating to each chapter. I did all of them. But this Professor did not accept them and did not give me a reason.

But for whatever reason, he never took the vast majority of my assignments, and he never gave me a reason why. The Professor didn’t like my political viewpoints and my thoughts on police brutality; I spoke reasonable as the topic was just my opinion.

I had made a written report to the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department at Mercy College in 2016. However, nothing was done about it.

I had written to the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department. I did get a reply in 2017 from the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department. According to that professor. “The failure was justified,” I remembered that because there was no investigation into my complaint.

  • I passed the finals with a 72
  • I passed the midterm exam with a 65

 However, the homework assignments weight more substantial than the finals and the midterm exams. Also, the professor marked me absent when I was in class. At the time, this College only allowed five absences for their students. This Professor Marked me down for missing at least 11 classes, which are 100% false!

The College Administration knows I have made reports of discrimination by this professor in 2015 with the help of my former pact office advisor, Carolina Goldstein. The college also used their white fear tactics against a student of color. Calling me a hostile threat to humanity and calling me a Menace & a Danger to society & comparing me to terrible events that have nothing to do with this situation and are 100% false.

There is a perfect chance that race was used against me at the administration level.

The people responsible for my dismissal are:

1. Kevin Joyce, dean of student affairs

2. Nick Canzona, Assistant Dean to student affairs

3. Alena Kush

4. Karol Dean

5. Donna Rebain

6. Mary Cuadrado

And others at the Mercy College administration.

I had support from a former Professor at Mercy College/former Judge of Tarrytown, Doris Freedman, who could not get involved due to medical reason, but has supported me in this incident. The people who had supported me were the Vice President of the United Nations Associations of the United States of America Southern division of New York, who got personally involved along with her husband, who is executive director of Public-Private Alliance Foundation, which is connected to the goals of the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I had support from very influencing people who help me with this situation that took place at Mercy College in September of 2018.

They have spoken to Dean of Students Affairs (Racist)Kevin Joyce on my behalf on a telecon with my consent. According to Kevin Joyce Dean of Student Affairs, “I am a threat, and I am a menace to society by calling one of his Professor Christopher Geraghty” “Shity Professor.”

Professor Doris Freedman, along with the Vice President of the United Nations Association, stated; that the administration was too extreme. And race probably played a part. 

However, I am aware that I upset a few people at the Mercy College administration. But, I meant not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But when a person has been getting the runaround for more than two years and the administration putting a person(me) on a 40 minute to an hour hold by phone and trying to avoid you(me). That’s the kind of thing that allows people to use their frustration in all the wrong ways. I just lost it and had enough with the administration.

Despite my hardship at this despicable administration at Mercy College. I am now attend Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. 

I attended Monroe College from 2012 to 2017 as a part-time student. I obtain my Associate’s Degree in criminal justice at Monroe College.

 I was told in late 2016 by Director of Student Services Matthew Avgerinos to come back to Monroe College to finish off my Associate’s Degree. (I did two semester, Summer of 2016 and spring of 2017). So went back to Monroe College and obtained my Associate’s Degree at Monroe College(I-Obtained-My-Associates-Degree-In-April-2017).  

Afterward, I went back to Mercy College in the fall 2017 and completed two semesters at Mercy College and then got kicked out in September in 2018 because I called a professor a “Sh!tty Professor.” and then I was called a hostile threat to society and a menace for sending a hurtful & a bad mannered email, and then I got kicked out.  The college has over-exaggerated and made up emails I did not send. The college put words in my mouth, words that I did not say!

Despite my complaint despite the reports I have made for the past three years.   Despite following the guidelines Which were required for a student when they are making a complaint towards a professor. I get kicked! Oh Well!

 I am blessed to go to a privileged University. I started Seton Hall University in January 2019.

However, due to my frustration with the administration of Mercy College, I called this Professor, a “Sh!ty Professor” and “I will always remember you (him) as one.” I meant no harm in any way. 

My frustration with the administration not even investigating is what led me into calling this professor that word in September of 2018, which led to my dismissal(Letter I got in the mail); also, I followed every procedure and guideline that was instructed.

 However, now I’m attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey, South Orange.

I did very well in the spring semester, and I’m doing very well in the fall semester. I’m currently taking up five classes to finish off College quickly. By 2020, and two more semesters left, I will be able to finish off my Bachelor’s Degree.

I was awarded two scholarships this semester(Fall). Since I have been attending Seton Hall University, I have not come across any problematic professor. The professors at Seton Hall University of very lovely and very respectable and willing to lend a helping hand when necessary. Ironically Mercy College does not have Professors that are respectable and willing to help a student. Monroe College, the first college I attended, has respectable professors. The only College I had so many problems with is Mercy College!

Throughout my years of attending the school system in New York City, I never had any problems in any school I went too:

I attended:

• PS 43 – Queens, NY

• Long Island City High School, NY

• Clark Academy High School, Dobbs Ferry, NY

• Monroe College, Bronx, NY

• Seton Hall University, NJ

I never had a problem with any teachers/mentors at those institutions. But I had so many issues with one Institution, and that Institution is Mercy College!!!!

So, I just thought I should share my story just to clear things up! And for those who are interested in stories like this one!

The Equator Prize Award Ceremony, organized by the UN Development Program (UNDP) Sept 24, 2019

On September 24, 2019 The Equator Prize Awards Ceremony was held for exceptional people and indigenous people activities from over the planet that are progressing imaginative on-the-ground programs.

  • The location of this event was in Manhattan, New York at the Town Hall Theater on 42nd Street.
  • I got an email and took an interest in the event. I wanted to know what it was all about. So that I can write about it. It was something new and different. That is why I decided to go.
  • The Equator Prize Award Ceremony is to bring to light the environment and global warming.
  • The focus is to show the positive progress of good people, including indigenous people helping the environment and to stop deforestation and to stop global warming

The Equator Prize, initiative part of the United Nation Development Program, grants awards biennially to remarkable endeavors to decrease poverty throughout the globe and to preserve biodiversity. As manageable communities seek to flourish all through the tropics and amazon, they are establishing the framework for a global development of communities and their commitment to accomplish the practical implementation of Sustainable Development Goals(SDG). The Equator Prize Ceremony to focus on their endeavors by commending them on a global stage.

There were eight hundred contestants in 122 countries that participated but only 22 individual groups won.

The hosts of the Equator Prize Award Ceremony were United Nation Develop Program(UNDP).

Game of Thrones Actor & Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, was at the Equator Prize 2019 Awards Ceremony: He expressed; he was pleased to have this chance to see the extraordinary achievement of peoples. He also stated; he was proud to have this opportunity to see the great success of peoples try to make a positive impact on our planet. He holds dear to his heart on his missions & his goals on helping people & our beloved environment. Actor & Ambassador Nikolaj Coster-Waldau had also stated; we are one people, we share the same goals. We are one planet that shares & breathes in our beautiful environment. Let’s all join as one & work together for a more significant cost in helping & protecting our futures. People cheered as he left podium being surprised that they saw him.

At the event it was explained that with the assistance of the United Nations, individuals, including indigenous populations, they were able to plant well over 31,800 trees, in South America. Despite the fact that with replanting of trees, the hard work had reduced the issues of deforestation, it would not fix them all. 

During this occasion, Greta Thunberg showed up on a Live Television display. She fundamentally disclosed to the audience on why it’s basic to secure our biological system and condition. Expressing, nature needs a seat at the UN.

Greta Thunberg additionally expressed; To help stop deforestation and  reduce CO2 that is going into the atmosphere that results in Earth-wide temperature boost, we have to make savvy choices that move land we designs in less inefficient ways.

The reestablishing of the environment given by forest includes carbon emissions water cycling, and untamed life territory decreasing the development of carbon dioxide in the air, etc. Reconstructing natural life living spaces Reforestation won’t totally fix the harm however. For instance, the woods can’t sequester the majority of the carbon dioxide people are emanating to the air through the consuming of petroleum products and a decrease in non-renewable energy source outflows. It is as yet important to maintain a strategic distance from development in the climate. 

It was explained that the Nations with the most deforestation are Indonesia. Indonesia has lost about 45 million sections of land, 16.57 million hectares of forest.  Deforestation has expanded quickly in the previous 54 years, with a significant part of Indonesia encountering an unseasonably warm winter. Fears of environmental change to the eco-system are growing.

Remarkable Native American clans who have had a beneficial outcome on nature are the Yurok Clan. The Yurok Clan they were one of the two indigenous tribes in the USA to get the Equator Prize. The Yurok Clan, local to Northern California, show  how tribal sovereignty practical forest the organization, environmental change, and social flexibility can make progress through ancestral lands and homes and joint effort. They were able to plant more than 200,000 hectares of trees. The Yurok clan made a recognizable impact in their society.

 The Yurok clan has empowered other groups to start re-gain land and to start planting trees across the state of California. The Yurok clan has covered a lot of acres. The Yurok tribes are reclaiming their lands slowly while making progress in the biological system of their area.  The Yurok clans are profoundly connected with nature. There activities are intertwined with endeavors to secure and to do what is right. The honor is an affirmation of the Clan’s for best work & achievements on environmental change relief. They encourage others and the reclamation the forest and restoring organic life and their environments for the basic needs to settle species and their livelihood.

The rewards for their success that ensure reestablish the regular habitats to helps animals and organic life and an acute sustenance and generation system.  Likewise inventiveness approaches to help nature and protect for a maintainable improvement on environmental change.

I was surprised by the devastating impact on our environment. I am aware that such things are happening. But I did not expect the scale of how devastating the effect is having on our planet. However, I am indeed happy and surprised that indigenous people and others are making an effort and helping their environment and our planet.

We can lessen the dangers if we are devoted and guarantee to help communities and indigenous people’s wellbeing to repair the Global warming of our planet. The help and support from the United Nations was to my point of view a major achievement for a supportable future for indigenous people.

I recently thought indigenous people were being oppressed all over the world. Now I see otherwise as I was at this event set up by the UNDP. I know now the United Nations and goals are helping indigenous people rise to success and gain influence on a global stage. That in itself is very surprising to me.

I will attend more events like these, to gain more knowledge and information about what’s happening to our forests in America, South America, and all over the world. This is the first time attending an event like this one.  I usually hear about the environmental problems on the news. But as I participated in this event, I got more details on what’s going on. I will visit more of these events in the near future.

I have no interest in getting into environmental law. But, the Equator Prize Awards Ceremony event inspired me. This can also be connected to my major; there are Departments in the United States that deal with environment practice. Some lawyers deal with environmental issues. 

There were eight hundred contestants and 122 countries that participated but only 22 individual groups they are:

  • United StatesAgency – Yurok Tribes
  • PeruAgency – (ECA Tuntanain, Executor of the Administrative Contract of Tuntanain) & Kemito Ene
  • BrazilAgency – Indigenous Training and Culture Center Raposa Serra do Sol (CIFCRSS)
  • IndonesiaAgency – Indigenous Group of Dayak Iban Sungai Utik Long House & Yayasan Planet Indonesia
  • KenyaAgency – Solar Freeze
  • IndiaAgency – Deccan Development Society
  • CameroonAgency – Cameron Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW)
  • BeninAgency – CREDI-ONG
  • PakistanAgency – Cluster Community Based Organization (CBO)
  • Guinea-bissauAgency – (Management Council of the Locally-Managed Marine Area of the Urok Islands)
  • VanuatuAgency – Ser-Thiac
  • AustraliaAgency – aboriginal community – Leader Dutjahn Sandalwood Oils Pty Ltd
  • NigeriaAgency – Environmental Management and Development Trust (EMADET)
  • Papua New GuineaAgency – Tulele Peisa
  • ThailandAgency – Community-Based Integrated Rural Development (CBIRD)
  • High Atlas MountainsAgency – Association Amsing
  • EcuadorAgency – Organización para la Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN)