Freshwater Fish Facing Extinction, Declining Numbers Is Alarming:

According to multiple reports distributed on Tuesday(Feb-23-2020) by 20 journalist and scientific researchers they’re about, 20,000 freshwater fish species inhabit our seas, rivers & lakes, up more than half of the world’s total freshwater fish and one third of the population of all vertebrate species on our Planet.

Biodiversity is necessary to sustain not just the health of the environment but rather the economic stability of areas around the world.

Multitudes of fish species face the severe collapse of their ecosystem and the health of our food production and subsistence of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe; evidence found that one-third of all freshwater fish now face extinction.

Approximately 143 million individuals across Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, and South America depends on freshwater commercial fishermen for their major source of protein. Roughly one-third of these human beings also rely heavily on them because of their jobs and livelihoods and family and communities.

This should be concerning to all of us. This will be a detrimental impact on our world and our ecosystem.